A collaboration cafe between the TV anime “Golden Kamui” and Sanrio Characters, “’Golden Kamui x Sanrio Characters’ x Chugai Grace Cafe,” is currently being held at “Chugai Grace Cafe” on the 7th floor of Shibuya Modi in Tokyo until July 18, 2022.

“Golden Kamui” is an adventure action manga series by Noda Satoru, serialized in “Weekly Young Jump” and completed in April 2022 with 314 episodes.
Set in Hokkaido in the late Meiji Era, the story revolves around the survival of a group of convicts on death row in Abashiri Prison who have hidden a vast treasure trove of gold.

The TV anime has so far aired its first season from April to June 2018, the second from October to December 2018, and the third from October to December 2020. The fourth season will begin airing in October 2022.

The “’Golden Kamui x Sanrio Characters’ x Chugai Grace Cafe” collaboration menu includes the “Eat the North! Cream Stew Plate,” “Almond Pound Cake with Frepp (Blaeberry) Sauce,” “Monkichi the Osaru and…Hey, you’re Shiraishi, right? Banana Soda,” and “Charisma’s Coke Float and Weird Soup.”
Visitors can enjoy a variety of collaborative menu items, including a menu named after “Golden Kamui” and Sanrio Characters, and “Woodsman’s Stump Birthday Cake” to celebrate Tanigaki Genjiro’s birthday.

In addition, new original goods using newly-drawn illustrations of the café costumes will be available: “Trading Tin Badge (with random holo) Café ver.”, “Acrylic Stand”, “Trading Frame Acrylic Keychain”, “Acrylic Block Café ver.”, “I-went-to-the-café Curry”, “Going out Pouch”, “Tanigaki Genjiro Birthday Set”, etc.
There are also “coasters” as a bonus for ordering the collaboration menu or making a reservation on the website, and “bromide” as a bonus for ordering “Woodsman’s Stump Birthday Cake” or purchasing goods. Let’s get them upon your visit.

The “’Golden Kamui x Sanrio Characters’ x Chugai Grace Cafe” will be held at Chugai Grace Cafe on the 7th floor of Shibuya Modi until July 18. For more details, please visit the special collaboration website.

(C) Noda Satoru/Shueisha, Golden Kamui Production Committee