A limited made-to-order “anime DVD bundle” of the 23rd volume of “Golden Kamuy” will be released on Sep. 18, 2020. This will be the 4th anime DVD bundle of the series, and it contains the forbidden episodes of “Shiton the Animals' Friend” arc in which the shocking tattooed convict, Anehata Shiton, appears. Hori Hideyuki, who was chosen as the voice of Anehata, said, “What?! I know it's not going on air, but… Are we seriously doing this?” commenting on his role.

“Golden Kamuy” is a Japanese Western mash-up of adventure, history, culture, hunting gourmet, comedy, and love, which has won several awards including “Manga Taisho 2016” and the grand prize of “The 22nd Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize”, and has sold over 11 million copies.
Set in the late Meiji era, the story depicts the survival of the characters revolving around the hidden gold in Hokkaidou and Karafuto. The TV anime had its 1st season aired from Apr. to Jun. 2018, its 2nd season from Oct. to Dec. 2018, and the production of the 3rd season has already been decided.

The anime in this DVD/comic bundle is the “Shiton the Animals' Friend” arc which begins with an incident of animal slaughter.
The culprit of this incident was one of the tattooed convicts, Anehata Shiton, who is a scholar. However, Tanigaki is taken captive because of a misunderstanding with the Ainu near the scene of the crime. According to Tanigaki, Anehata had a “strong interest” towards the brown bear…
Can Sugimoto and the gang solve the misunderstandings to save Tanigaki before Anehata gets eaten by the brown bear and get the tattoos?

Hori Hideyuki will be voicing Anehata Shiton.
He recollected the time he was offered the job and said, “My manager called me about the role in 'Golden Kamuy', and my first impression of Anehata Shiton's role was, What?! I know it's not going on air, but… Are we seriously doing this? But I also thought that it could be an interesting role, so I accepted the offer”.
He also called out to the “Golden Kamuy” fans while looking back at the recordings, “At the recordings, the director strictly told me not to become a pervert, but he totally is a pervert! I had a lot of fun voicing him. Please enjoy the “unperverted” Anehata Shiton!”

“Golden Kamuy” vol. 23 is priced at 540JPY (tax excluded) and the limited made-to-order DVD bundle is 3,600JPY (tax excluded). Both will be released on Sep. 18.
In commemoration of the release of the vol. 23 bundle, free distribution of “Irasutoya” collaboration stickers will be held at nationwide Animate stores from Mar. 21.

(C)Noda Satoru / Shueisha・Golden Kamuy Production Committee