Set in Hokkaido, the TV anime “Golden Kamuy” is about bloody and exciting battles over buried treasure. This work has many masculine characters, including the main protagonist “Immortal Sugimoto” who survives any predicament.

However, for the general public, those characters may look like perverts. But despite that, they are still cool. Let’s take a look back at the most perverted episodes and find out why.

■Aesthetic abnormalities
Speaking of abnormalities that appeared in the early part of the series, we should mention Henmi Kazuo (CV: Seki Toshihiko). He appeared in the 8th ep. “Eyes of a Murderer” and the 9th ep. “Gleaming”, and was saved by Sugimoto Saichi (CV: Kobayashi Chikahiro) from drowning.

Hemi seems to be harmless to humans or animals, but his true identity is a murderer who was wandering around Japan. It is known that he has murdered more than 100 people so far.

Henmi saw his younger brother be eaten by a wild boar when he was young and wanted to be brutally killed someday. From Sugimoto, Henmi felt the same murderer’s vibes as himself.
He is sure that Sugimoto will kill him when he wishes, and at the same time, he is trying to kill Sugimoto. He thinks it wouldn’t be beautiful if he wasn’t killed in the midst of fight like his younger brother.
His thought process is out of whack, and it conveys the purity of his own aesthetic.

During the deadly battle with Sugimoto, Henmi was smiling ecstatically . Henmi’s shining crotch of overwhelmed emotions, must represent the sparkle of life.

■Perverts near Lieutenant Tsurumi
Next up is the 13 ep. “Edogai-kun”. Edogai Yasaku (CV: Uchida Yuma), is a young taxidermist, who uses materials in a way that would not be considered common sense. Including people.

Edogai is making stuffed humans, even his mother. Believing that stuffed people remain living, he treated them like a real family.
However, when Lieutenant Tsurumi (CV: Otsuka Yoshitada) praised his work, he left his made family. The real figure, wearing a costume made from a corpse stolen from the graveyard, shined like a model walking on a runway.

After that, Edogai was ordered to make a fake tattooed human skin that holds the key to the reserve. In the 14th ep., “Fakes”, he showed enthusiasm for what he fell in love with, such as making a mannequin with the desire to meet Lieutenant Tsurumi.
When a coal mine is about to explode, he prefers to save tattooed skin over his own life. He was trying to get the job done for Tsurumi, who affirmed his way of life.

Other subordinates also admire Lieutenant Tsurumi like Edogai.
In the 21st ep. “The Sound of an Ambush”, in one scene Lieutenant Tsurumi punishes Senior Soldier Usami (CV: Matsuoka Yoshitsugu) who failed in an undercover investigation. Usami’s trademark moles on both cheeks are used as faces to show stick figures.
Although it may seem like harassment, it’s clear that Usami is happy. He looks with desire at Lieutenant Tsurumi, who is so close.

Koito Otonoshin (CV: Konishi Katsuyuki) was jealous in the graffiti scene. In the 19th episode, “Kamuy Hopunire”, he was delighted to get Lieutenant Tsurumi’s bromide and replace the face of Sergeant Tsukishima (CV: Takemoto Eiji) standing next to him with his photo.
When he finally met Lieutenant Tsurumi, his voice become strange and he looked insane, such as speaking really fast in his Satsuma dialect. Shortly after, when he was described as “a disappointment” due to the failure of the mission, he turned white and nearly fainted.

Lieutenant Tsurumi seems to look cool in Koito’s eyes, and you can often see a girl’s manga-like designs with flowers in the background. Blind respect can also be the driving force for carrying out a mission. Koito, whose achievements were recognized by Lieutenant Tsurumi, was added to the tattooed human skin battle.

■Sexy sumo wrestlers
The legendary perverted ep. of “Golden Kamuy”, is the 20th episode “Blue Eyes”. This is the “Rakko Nabe” ep. that has become a world trend on Twitter.

Sugimoto and his friends take refuge in a guardhouse to escape the swarm of grasshoppers. During cooking rakko nabe, the men around begin to look sexy for some reason.
In order to get rid of their pent-up emotions, the five men decided to wrestle. It is not understandable anymore. Of course, the people themselves are can understand it well.
However, the appearance of the trained bodies colliding with each other was cool, and after the full-scale competition, there was a sense of accomplishment.

By the way, even in ep. 21, there is a service cut for Sugimoto and his friends who enter the hot springs. The angle is like a gravure idol, but they are all men. Moreover, he was attacked and ended up fighting naked.
Even when he doesn’t have clothes to protect himself, his strength remains the same. It looks perverted, but his ability to dismiss the assailants is amazing.

There are various abnormal things such as an obsession with life and death, commitment to work, gratitude, respect, and physical beauty. However, everyone was sticking to their own way of life. Furthermore, since there is no hesitation in action, it even feels exhilarating. That’s why the abnormalities in the TV anime “Golden Kamuy” look cool, and it is impossible to hate it.

In the 3rd season the set is moved to Sakhalin. Please look forward to more abnormal characters and episodes.

(C) Noda Satoru / Shueisha / Golden Kamuy Production Committee