Voice actor Eguchi Takuya and Komada Wataru whisper kindly to you through “relaxing voice” video and they also appear in the stretch lesson videos created for each body part that you wish to stretch. Those videos are now available on YouTube.

This project is an original video that introduces Shionogi Health Care’s “Belix Be Plus”, a vitamin B1 suppliment. At the brand’s website, they introduces 3 steps of “Relax, Care, and Belix” in order to create a health cycle with less fatigue.

In the video, Eguchi Takuya and Komada Wataru navigate you the recommended stretching based on your fatigue level (Low, middle, and high) and fatigue body part (eyes, shoulders, and waist). Moreover, with their own “handsome voice”, they will whisper in a sweet and kind voice with a total of 9 types . Sample lines are: “I know you always work hard” and “Don’t push yourself too hard”.

The web commercial “Let’s get healthier!! Belix Be Plus” with Eguchi Takuya and Komada Wataru is currently available at YouTube.