It was decided that the photo book from “Komada Wataru no Komastagram”, that is currently broadcasting on “Seigura” channel on Nico Nico Live, will be on sale on Nov. 13. Along with that announcement, an advanced released photo and the guests' information have been revealed.

“Komada Wataru no Komastagram” is a live-stream program of Komada Wataru, who is not active only as a voice actor but also as a photographer, taking photos of the guests. His photo sessions were well-received due to Komada's technique to draw out the guests' voice actor's bare expression and also his relationship with them.

“Komada Wataru no Komastagram 1st PHOTO FRAME” is the title of the photobook that will be released as a commemoration of the 1st anniversary of the program. As it includes the photos of the male voice actor that only Komada Wataru is able to take, this photobook carries the message of… the side of “the photographer Komada Wataru”.

The photobook will also contain the unrevealed photo that was taken during the program. It will feature a total of 12 guest voice actors, including Kamio Shinichirou, Shio Fumiyoshi, Itou Kento, and Nagatsuka Takuma. The unrevealed photo will also come with the comments of the photographed voice actor and the photographer Komada Wataru, that are worth to be read.

Moreover, it will include photos of Komada Wataru that he took by himself. There are various types of photos such as the gentle expression of Komada that remind you of the date during the off-day and also the cool expression of Komada entering the studio in the suits.

It will also include the situations of the program's event that was held on Feb. 2020, an interview, and camera's introduction as well. Rare photos that can't be seen in this photobook are currently available on “Seiyuu Grand Prix Oct. Issue” that is on sale now.

“Komada Wataru no Komastagram 1st PHOTO FRAME” will be released on Nov. 13, 2020. Information will be announced from time to time.