The new radio commercial for “UR Rental Housing”, which the voice actor Shimazaki Nobunaga and Shimono Hiro appear, will be aired from Apr. 5, 2020 during the radio programs called “UR LIFESTYLE COLLEGE” and “TOKIO HOT 100”.
Shimazaki plays the role of “the man who makes the marriage proposal”, and Shimono will play “a kind hero”, and the comments from each voice actor have arrived.

The new radio commercial is consists of 3 sections of “proposal series”, which the men makes a marriage proposal with sweet lines and a kind voice, and another 3 sections of “hero series”, which the hero carefully listens to the stories of several characters.
Shimazaki Nobunaga, the voice actor who plays the characters such as Nanase Haruka in “Free!” and Furuya Akatsuki in “Ace of Diamond”, will play the role in the “proposal series”, while Shimono Hiro, the voice actor who plays the characters including Kurisu Shou in “Uta no Prince-sama♪” and Connie Springer in “Attack on Titan”, plays the role in “hero series” with passion.

The protagonist played by Shimazaki in “proposal series” is the male who dreams to have a marriage life, and makes a proposal to a lady while highlighting the charms of “UR” in the parts of his lines.

The comment from Shimazaki regarding to this role is, “Among 3 human's needs, which are “clothing”, “food”, and “housing”, I have many opportunities to interact with “clothing” and “food”, but I finally gets a chance to interact with “housing”, therefore I was tremendously happy”, and he continued, “the story is a little awkward, but the characters are unique, and those factors makes the content interesting. So, please enjoy the radio commercial itself, while paying attention to the content of the commercial. If you do, I will be very happy as the voice actor who played the role”.
The difference between the characters of each section is definite point to see.

The protagonist of “hero series” which Shimono play is a kind hero who cannot ignore someone in a trouble, and he sincerely listens to the stories of the characters who he meets during his journey, and he introduces an adequate “UR” which becomes a solution to each character's trouble.

Shimono said in his comment, “I was especially conscious to have passion in my lines and overreact them, and I added my own uniqueness while I played the role”, and he continued, “a little difference is directed in each part, so please listen to all 3”.
Look forward to the brave acting like a hero which is unique to Shimono.

“Proposal series” and “hero series” of “UR Rental Housing” commercial, which Shimazaki Nobunaga and Shimono Hiro play, will be aired in the radio programs of “UR LIFESTYLE COLLEGE” and “TOKIO HOT 100”.
Also, in “UR Residence College”, a website run by Urban Renaissance Agency, a special voice message from Shimazaki and Nobunaga has been released.