The new trailer of “Looking for Magical Doremi”, 20th anniversary commemoration movie for “Ojamajo Doremi” that will be released from November 13, 2020, has been released.

This is a new “magic” story that depicts the three heroines that had a fate encounter as if they were guided by the witch apprentices. While traveling to the places associated with “Ojamajo Doremi”, which they loved since childhood, they support the troubles that each of them are facing, and also confront with each other’s as they are moving toward their own “tomorrow”.

The new trailer is something irresistible for the “Doremi generation” as they can enjoy the feeling of Doremi calling out to them. In the last scene, the 6 witch apprentice along with the Majo Kaeru/Majo Rika, and the fairy Lala can be seen flying for the first time.

“Looking for Magical Doremi” will be released at nationwide theatres from November 13.

(C)Toei, Toei Animation