A brand-new TV anime series “Godzilla S.P -Singular Point-” will be produced as a new project of ‘Godzilla’. Bones and Orange will handle the animation production, using the method of both traditional drawing and CG. It will be broadcast on TOKYO MX and other channels from Apr. 2021, and exclusively streamed on Netflix worldwide.

Beginning from the first film released in 1954, ‘Godzilla’ series has been released in various forms, and it is still popular all over the world.
In recent years, “Shin Godzilla” directed by Anno Hideaki grossed over US$78 million worldwide. Furthermore, the Hollywood version of “Godzilla” and “Godzilla: King of the Monsters” by Legendary, an American film production, became a big hit nationwide and worldwide. ‘Godzilla’ born in the Showa era, is still dominating the world in Reiwa after Heisei.

As for the anime adaptation of ‘Godzilla’, the trilogy of “Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters”, “Godzilla: City on the Edge of Battle”, and “Godzilla: The Planet Eater”, was given a theatrical release. On the other hand, “Godzilla S.P -Singular Point-” will be broadcast on TV every week, and a brand-new original story, which is completely different from the films, will be developed. The animation production will be handled by Bones known for various masterpieces such as “My Hero Academia”, and Orange known for the best quality of CG anime such as “Land of the Lustrous” and “Beastars”, using the method of both traditional drawing and CG.

Furthermore, great people have gathered as the production staff. The director will be Takahashi Atsushi known for “Doraemon the Movie 2017: Nobita’s Great Adventure in the Antarctic Kachi Kochi”, the series composition and scenario will be handled by Enjou Tou, an SF author, who has won the Akutagawa prize. Enjou will be engaged in TV anime for the first time.

In addition, the music will be handled by Sawada Kan known for “Yowamushi Pedal” and “Doraemon” series, and the character design will be handled by Katou Kazue, who is an original writer of “Blue Exorcist”, and it will be the first challenge for her to be responsible for an anime adaptation. Yamamori Eiji, an animator, who has been working on multiple works by Studio Ghibli such as “Princess Mononoke”, “Spirited Away”, and “The Wind Rises”, will join as the Kaiju design. The comments from the director Takahashi and other staff have arrived.

The TV anime of ‘Godzilla’ will be broadcast from Apr. 2021. The notable studios collaborated with, and great staff gathered together for this work. What does the title “S.P = Singular Point” mean? What kind of story will be depicted? Please look forward to more news.

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The director : Takahashi Atsushi
When I saw a notice of extras casting call that run away from Godzilla on a magazine in my childhood, I thought I could appear in a film, and tried to make a plan to stand out in a cloud. That dream didn’t come true, but the plan will do today at last.

The series composition, scenario : Enjou Tou
Many riddles in this world cannot be solved. . Most of them seem more and more trivial as we are thinking about them. However, few riddles seem more and more mysterious as we are thinking about them. Let’s say Godzilla is one example. I have been trying to control it for years, but a note was cut off in the middle.

Katou Kazue
I cannot believe that I can be involved in ‘Godzilla’ that I’ve been familiar with since I was a child…I was very nervous. I would be glad if I could help Takahashi director, Enjou-sensei as character composition, and other anime professionals to create Godzilla world that you can enjoy. I’m looking forward to seeing how the characters move as one of the fans!

Yamamori Eiji as Kaiju design
I would like to say thank you to all the people that gave me an opportunity to be involved in this work. With the support from a lot of staff, we can finally bring Kaiju on the screen, so I would be glad if you can enjoy it. Also, this is dedicated to my brother, who couldn’t see the finished work though he loved Godzilla, he was happier than anyone else to hear the offer, and he was looking forward to seeing it.

Music : Sawada Kan
When I was in university, Ikeno Sei-sensei, my beloved teacher of composition, was handling the orchestration of the music for the film of ‘Godzilla’, and I also learned orchestration from Ifukube Akira-sense, who is the beloved teacher of Ikeno-sensei and created ‘Godzilla’ music. It means so much to me that I can be involved in this work. I really appreciate my chance to be able to join ‘Godzilla S.P’, which will be marking a new chapter in a long series.

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