The broadcast schedule of the TV anime “EDENS ZERO” has been decided to be from Apr. 2021. Along with that, the teaser visual and main cast information has been announced. The protagonist, Shiki will be voiced by Terashima Takuma, Rebecca will be voiced by Komatsu Mikako, while the blue cat, Happy will be voiced by Kugimiya Rie. Also, comments from the original author, Mashima Hiro and the general director, Ishihira Shinji have been released.

“EDENS ZERO” is based on the fantasy adventure manga by Mashima Hiro (known for “RAVE”, “FAIRY TAIL”, and others) and the serialization at “Weekly Shounen Magazine” has started in 2018.
In the dream kingdom, Granbell, the young boy Shiki, who lives together with the machines, encounter the first visitor in 100 years, the young video streamer girl, Rebecca and the blue cat Happy. After they become “friends”, their “fate” changed drastically.

The teaser visual depicts the tremendous large battleship “EDEN ZERO” in the background with the main character, Shiki, Rebecca, and Happy. It gives off a premonition of the type of adventure that takes place in the wide space.
Also, it was decided that the three main characters, the protagonist, Shiki will be voiced by Terashima Takuma, the young girl Rebecca will be voiced by Komatsu Mikako, while the blue cat, Happy will be voiced by Kugimiya Rie.
This work has also received a game adaptation by KONAMI as “Eden Zero”, a family/ mobile game, so do check it out if you are a fan.

TV Anime “EDEN ZERO” will start from Apr. 2021 on Nippon TV affiliated.

Original Author Mashima Hiro
I’m looking forward to the battle scene involving Shiki’s gravity ability and Rebecca’s gun action. For the game, it would make me happy if both the original manga fans and also game fans can enjoy it.
As “EDEN ZERO” will be having video media, which are the anime and game, I hope that you will be looking forward to it.

Anime’s General Director Ishihira Shinji
After handling “FAIRY TAIL”, I will be the general director for this work as well. This is the first time I felt this tremendous pressure (haha)
This time, I am studying various thing to make the gravity actions as real as possible so this is a worthy challenge for me. In the case of using gravity to fly, I believe it would be better to express it as falling instead of flying. While brainstorming with my partner, director Suzuki, we are also thinking about making some good changes based on “FAIRY TAIL”. As the original manga is a level higher than “FAIRY TAIL”, so I wanted the anime to be a level higher as well.
While we are reading between the lines of the original manga, I want to draw out the amazingness of a science fiction work. Despite feeling a tremendous pressure, I felt that this is something worthy for me. Do look forward to it

(C)Mashima Hiro/Kodansha, NTV