A behind-the-scenes book of the TV anime “BEASTARS” by Orange, who was in charge of the animation, “Orange-style 3DCG Animation Technique – MAKING OF BEASTERS (tentative title)” will be released in mid-Mar. 2020.

Orange, known for works such as “Land of the Lustrous”, is the upcoming animation production that gains attention from in and out of the anime scene with their high-quality animations.
This book reveals the unique technique of Orange through the making of “BEASTAERS”.

The book will contain all the precious materials such as; references and 3DCG models of the characters, background arts and its samples, CG Animation, VFX, facial motion capture, and interviews with the staff such as; director Matsumi Shinichi, CG chief director Inomoto Eiji, and others.
It will give you a glimpse of the inside story of Orange, who challenges the borders of 2D and 3D to create new images.

“Orange-style 3DCG Animation Technique – MAKING OF BEASTARS (tentative title)” is expected to be priced at 3,600JPY (tax excluded) and shipping is scheduled for mid-Mar. 2020. Pre-orders are accepted at nationwide book stores, Amazon, and other shops.

(C)Itagaki Paru (Akita Shoten)/BEASTERS Production Committee