This article will introduce “Godzilla goods” to make your remote office hours and stay home hours fun and “unreal”. All items can be purchased at the online store called “Godzilla Store”.

While stay home hours are still continuing these days and time spent at home increases, there should be many people who hope to feel something different at home.
Can remote office hours be enjoyable? The scenary from your window may look always the same and tiring, or you might have done everything you can do to kill free hours already, etc… For you in such boredom, we will introduce “Godzilla” items suitable for each situation.

■For your remote work hours…

A small and cute cable protector! From a cable bite to PC cushions and mobile stands are ready for you to make your work fun.

■If you want take it into your life routine…

You should check the following items out, if you wish to make a change in your lifestyle.

A tissue paper box with a great impact, a Godzilla figure chopstick for your fun dinner, and a fluffy sleeping pillow of Godzilla’s tail can can be actively used in your life routines.

■Making an accent to your life with small items…

Let’s make an accent to your items that you got tired of looking at and using with stickers and magnet.

Godzilla has been a symbol of destruction and had a great impact on various generations through the themes that show a fresh state of the world. Why don’t you break an ordinary day with the monster king Godzilla and make a change in your life?

All “Godzilla goods” introduced above can be purchased at the online store “Godzilla Store”.