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[Gundam Model & amp; amp; Robot Figure Edition]
[Character figure edition]
Introduced separately. In this article, we will deliver [Gundam Model & amp; amp; Robot Figure Edition].

“Gundam Build Real” “Bright Color” RX-78-2 Gundam RG

From the Gunpla 40th Anniversary project video work “Gundam Build Real”, Gundam RG 1/144 (Team Bright Custom) becomes a Gunpla. Based on “RG 1/144 RX-78-2 Gundam”, the bright color is reproduced with molding color and marking decal. A new water slide decal with an even more impressive line mark and team “Bright” mark is included.

(C) Sotsu / Sunrise

Getter Arc became an arc, action figure! Its Special Move Thunder Bomber can also be recreatedreproduced

From the anime “Getter Robo Arc”, which willis on air from July, Getter ArcArk has become an action figure “Chogokin Soul”. Each of the nine wings, which is a special featurefeature, can be operated independently, and the special move Thunder Bomber can also be reproduced.

(C) Nagai GouGo / Ishikawa Ken / Dynamic Planning / ShinMasao Otome Institute

Mechagodzilla from “Godzilla vs. Kong” has arrived!! Tthe weight and texture of the mechanism are reproduced by die casting

From “Godzilla vs. Kong” screened from July 2021, Mechagodzilla is released as S.H.MonsterArts. Die-castedcast parts are used at key points to reproduce the feeling of weight and texture as a mechanicmechanism. In addition, the shoulders and chest are equipped with movable gimmicks for cannons.

(C) 2021 Legendary. All Rights Reserved. GODZILLA TM & amp; amp; (C) TOHO CO., LTD. MONSTERVERSE TM & amp; amp; (C) Legendary

“Magic Knight Rayearth” Legendary 3 Demons become the first plastic kit

From “Magic Knight Rayearth”, the legendary 3 demons “Rayearth Rayearth”, “Celes Sea God”, and “Windam Sky God”Windam Sky God appear in the assembly kit series “MODEROID”. This is the first time that these three demons have become plastic kits. The wide range of movement enables the reproduction of actions in the play. The color-coding of the parts, some painting, and the decorations on each part are expressed by clear parts, and it is also attractive that it looks like the animation in the play just by assembling.

(C) CLAMP /Tsuitachi Shigatsu CO., LTD./Kodansha / TMS (R) KODANSHA

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