From November 25th to December 31st, all the episodes of the TV anime ‘Land of the Lustrous’ will be available for free on Kodansha’s YouTube channel “Full Anime TV.”

‘Land of the Lustrous’ is a fantasy anime about the 28 life forms who are embodiment of gemstones.. The story depicts their fierce battles against the Lunarians, mysterious enemies who came from the moon.

The original work is serialized in ‘Monthly Afternoon,’ with its 12th volume released on November 22nd. In the August Issue of ‘Monthly Afternoon,’ the serialization resumed after a year and a half. The latest volume of the comic was also the first to be published in two years and four months.
In commemoration of the long-awaited latest volume, Kodansha’s YouTube Channel ‘Full Anime TV’ distributes all the twelve episodes from the anime series for free.

Whether this is a story of growth, friendship, or battle, ‘Land of the Lustrous’ is a story shrouded in mystery that you will not be able to take your eyes off. The distribution starts on November 25th and will be available until December 31st. Do not miss this perfect opportunity!

(C) Ichikawa Haruko, Kodansha/ ‘Land of the Lustrous’ Production Committee