The manga from the magazine targeted toward young girls, “Margaret” will have a continuously long drama adaptation and “Hulu” will have the exclusive premier under the romance drama / series project “Margaret Love Stories”. “Mairunovich” is first in line to get its drama adaptation, followed by “Kami-sama no Ekohiiki”, and “How lovely her song is!” under this project.

“Margaret Love Stories” is a partnership between the magazine “Margaret” which is like a bible for girls and the online streaming website “Hulu”. It is an experiment to have a “continuously long drama adaptation & exclusive premier on Hulu” for the “Margaret” works slated for release in Fall 2020.

The titles announced, “Mairunovich”, “Kami-sama no Ekohiiki”, and “How lovely her song is!” will get their first live adaptations. While carefully retaining the setting of the original works, such as the pure love, joy of the youth, the the heart-wrenching moments, the beauty, the freshness, and others, the show promises to be “a high quality live-action drama that will leave an everlasting memory.”

The commemorative first drama of this project, “Mairunovich” has a total of 12 volumes which exceeded 3.2 million copies issued and even recorded an abnormal sales revenue for its past collaboration goods that were released. The story is about the plain and unpopular high school girl, Kinoshita Mairu, who thought that she was ugly. After being transformed into a cute girl by a handsome boy, Kumata Tenyuu, she tries to find true love and changes her life through her own efforts..

The cast lineup will be announced at a later date. Information will be released from time to time toward the exclusive premier on “Hulu” from Fall 2020.