The first part of the two-part sequel to the live-action film “Tokyo Revengers,” “Tokyo Revengers 2: Bloody Halloween – Destiny,” opened in theaters nationwide on April 21, 2023. Over the three days from April 21 to 23, the film drew over 400,000 viewers and earned approximately 600 million yen at the box office. On the weekend of April 22 and 23, the film ranked first among live-action films released in 2023 in terms of both attendance and box office revenue.

The film has been available on 360 screens nationwide, and during the three-day period from April 21 to 23, it drew 428,304 viewers and grossed 583,351,130 yen (*Including screening events). In the two-day weekend, the film drew 307,106 viewers and earned 418,249,530 yen, making it the No. 1 live-action film released in 2023 in terms of audience attendance and box-office revenue on the opening weekend.

The film has received rave reviews from fans who were touched by the passion of the production team, and many of them were also surprised by the additional cast members who joined the film, as if they had jumped straight out of the original work.
Many are already looking forward to the second part, “Decisive Battle,” and some are even calling for a “catch-up ” in preparation for the film’s release.

In addition, in commemoration of the blockbuster hit, a clip with the scene from the film featuring the first meeting of Takemichi and Chifuyu was released on YouTube. The clip recorded 2.6 million views on the film’s TikTok account, which boasts the largest number of followers as the official account of a Japanese film.

The scene depicts the comedic interaction between Chifuyu, who has single-minded admiration for Baji betraying the Tokyo Manji Gang and joining Valhalla, and Takemichi, who does not understand Chifuyu and tries to run away. Check out the popular scene among fans in both the original work and the movie.

“Tokyo Revengers 2: Bloody Halloween – Destiny” is currently available in theaters. “Tokyo Revengers 2: Bloody Halloween” will be released in theaters on June 30.

(C) Wakui Ken/Kodansha
(C) 2023 Film “Tokyo Revengers 2: Bloody Halloween” Production Committee