“Pipuru ~AI to Kekkon Seikatsu Hajimemashita~” is a sci-fi human comedy based on the novel “Pipuru” and is set in the near future of 2040 where humans can get married to an AI.
The story has various interesting characters such as the white-color-worker Kaburagi Kenichi (who chose to marry with a humanoid AI), his humanoid AI wife “Pipuru”, Fukuyama Kaede (the AI researcher that developed “Pipuru”), and others. And it depicts “the wat of AI and humans”.

Kaji was selected as the actor for the protagonist Kaburagi Kenichi due to the popularity of Kaji voicing Kaburagi Kenichi as a voice actor in the online drama “Mimi de Tanoshimu Shousetsu ‘Pipuru’ (The novel ‘Pipuru’ that can be audibly anjoyed)” that was released preciously.
Kaburagi is a plain guy who is an “enthusiastic otaku”, (the kind who don’t take much unless it’s about a topic they like but can’t stop once they start), and is not good at communicating with others. This is Kaji’s first main role in a live-action drama.

WOWOW original drama “Pipuru ~AI to Kekkon Seigatsu wa Hajimemashita~” will be broadcast from May 2020 on WOWOW Prime.

【Kaji Yuuki(as Kaburagi Kenichi)】
・Your reaction when it was decided that you will act in the live-action drama after “Mimi de Tanoshimu Shousetsu ‘Pipuru'”

To think that the staff joke about this becoming a drama during the voice recording has become true…! My first reaction was a mixture of surprise, happiness and uneasiness. Nevertheless, I am glad that i am able to continue the role of Kaburagi.

・Your enthusiasm toward your first drama

As this is an unknown area for me, I am feeling both anxious and happy at the same time. …I can’t imagine what it’ll be like! (laugh) Anyway, I will do my best with the co-actors and the staff.

・Message toward the viewers

As part of the cast, I am happy that “Pipuru” will be delivered to the world in a different format. We might unexpectedly see “humanity” when we are facing “AI”. I hope you will enjoy this futuristic mysterious story!

【Harada Mariru (Original author of “Pipuru”)】

・Regarding the drama adaptation

This is a SF novel with various romance situation based on “What will happen to human value and identity when the near-future where marriage with human form is possible?”. I am really happy that this drama adaptation is done by a magnificent lineup of production staff! Moreover, the main actor Kaji-san is the voice of the protagonist Tsukinoki in the voice drama and has read this work from the draft-stage. I am looking forward from now on to his acting as he told me that this work was very interesting.

(C) 2020 Drama “Pipuru” Production Committee