“Bakaramon”, the manga that received a TV anime adaptation in 2014, will be returning to “Monthly Shonen Gangan” from the May issue, released on April 12, 2023, for a limited time. Together with that, a TV drama adaptation has been announced.

“Bakaramon” is a heartwarming story that begins when Handa Seishuu, a handsome young calligrapher who has caused a particular incident, moves to the “Gotou Islands” in the west of Nagasaki Prefecture, Kyushu, and meets Naru, a first-grade elementary school girl who is a “bakaramon” (a dialect word meaning cheerful person).

In the 2014 TV anime version, Handa Seishuu was played by Ono Daisuke, and Naru by Hara Ryouko. Also, the spinoff “Handa-kun” had an anime adaptation in 2016, and Shimazaki Nobunaga played Handa in high school.

On April 12, Yoshino Satsuki, the author of “Bakaramon”, made an announcement on Twitter. “Today, April 12, ‘Bakaramon’ will begin its limited-time revival serialization in the Monthly Shonen Ganga May issue! After 4 years and 4 months, Handa and Naru have returned! Also available in e-book! And… a TV drama adaptation is also coming!!”

The post received many replies. “Naru! Welcome back to you too, Yoshino-sensei”, “I’ve been waiting for this! A page of my youth”, “Congratulations to Bakaramon for coming back! I’m so happy to get a chance to read a heartwarming story again!”, “TV drama adaptation!!!! I love ‘Bakaramon” so this means so much to me! Yay!”, “No way!!! I can’t miss this!”, “OMG! I wonder who’ll play the characters…! So excited!”

There were also many comments craving a 2nd season of the anime. “I’m so happy about the serialization and drama adaptation!! Congratulations! I can’t help but anticipate a sequel to the anime”, “Congratulations on the drama adaptation! I hope this will be followed by the 2nd season of the anime!”, “Congratulations on the drama adaptation! I love Bakaramon, so please make us a 2nd season!!”, “Congratulations! I’ll definitely watch it! Please make us the 2nd season too!”, “I’m waiting for the anime too!”