Tsuda Kenjirou is a voice actor that is involved in various genres, such as the dubbing of popular anime and oversea movie, and TV narration. This time, it was announced that he will appear in the TBS Friday Drama “Saiai”, and his comments toward his role have been released.

Tsuda is a popular voice actor known for his role as Nanami Kento from “Jujutsu Kaisen”, Brilliant Detective Sakaido and Narihisago Akihito from “ID:INVADED”, Manji from “Blade of the Immortal “, and other roles. He won the Best Actor in a Leading Role in the “15th Seiyu Awards” as well as one of the popular voice actors that enlivens the anime industry.

It was announced that Tsuda will appear in TBS drama “Saiai”, a complete original suspense love story. This complete original story will focus on the three characters, the key person of the murder case and businesswoman Sanada Rio, the detective in charge, who is Rio’s first love, and the lawyer, who is defending Rio, as they approach the truth of the case.
The cast members consist of Yoshitaka Yuriko as the main lead, Matsushita Kouhei, Iura Arata, and others. At the same time, Tsuda’s comments toward his role have been released.

Detailed information regarding TBS drama “Saiai” will be released sequentially on the official website.

■ Tsuda Kenjirou’s Comments

I’m honored to be able to appear in the drama “Saiai”.
I’m also quite happy to be able to create a drama together with the professionals that are involved in various genres.
When I read the script, it made me wonder on the future development as the unexpected suspense developments are quite interesting and exciting, and the drama is filled with unique characters.
It is really quite interesting. First, I will delve into my role to find out what type of person he is and how I demonstrate his way of life while enjoying it.
Please do look forward to the drama “Saiai”.