“Gal to Kyouryuu”, which will be developed as anime and live-action, is scheduled to be broadcast on TOKYOMX and BS11 from Apr. 4, 2020.
In addition, a key visual and a promotional video have been released simultaneously from the live-action.

“Gal to Kyouryuu” is originally a comedy based on the manga currently serialized in “Young Magazine” by the combo tag Mori Moriko and Tomimura Cota. The story depicts a “timeless room share” starting with the drunk Gal Kaede who unintentionally lets a dinosaur come into her room.

It has been announced that both the anime and live-action will be broadcast on TOKYOMX and BS11 at 1:00 am from Apr. 4, 2020.
Moreover, on the anime-related channel “Animax”, the “Gal to Kyouryuu Animax Special Edition” which features added images from the live-action, is scheduled to be broadcast from Apr. 5 at 11:30 pm.

Furthermore, from the live-action, a refreshing key visual that shows the dinosaur spreading his arms widely on the roof of the observation deck, “SHIBUYASKY” of “Shibuya Scramble Square Phase I East Wing” has been revealed.