The Tokusatsu drama “Ultraman Trigger NEW GENERATION TIGA” has announced the “Ultraman Trigger Glitter Trigger Eternity” that appeared during the climax of the first half. Also, “Ultraman Ribut” from “ULTRA GALAXY FIGHT” will appear on the second half that will start in October 2021. The role is handled by Tsuchiya Shinba and his comments have been released.

“Glitter Trigger Eternity” is the latest appearance of Trigger (Manaka Kengo played by Terasaka Raiga) that was awakened after obtaining the super ancient light when he was struggling against the 4th Giants of Darkness, Trigger Dark after Carmeara, Darrgon, and Hudram. The “Triangle Crystal” on his chest holds the power of the “Multi”, “Power”, and “Sky” type, and his latest weapon “Glitter Blade” is so powerful that Trigger is unable to handle it by himself.

In “Ultraman Tiga”, which “Ultraman Trigger” has inherited the spirit from, Ultraman Tiga transformed into “Glitter Tiga” in the final episode. As Trigger has gotten the “Glitter” title at the mid of the story, the second half of “Ultraman Trigger” is something that you shouldn’t miss out on.

Also, on the second half that featured “Ultraman Trigger Glitter Trigger Eternity”, it was announced that the Galaxy Rescue Force Warrior “Ultraman Ribut” from the world of “ULTRA GALAXY FIGHT”, a new work that was announced on September 25, will appear. It was also revealed that the young man Ribut will be handled by the voice actor and actor Tsuchiya Shinba.

Tsuchiya commented, “I hope I am able to connect the guiding light of ‘Ultraman Trigger’ with the light that I received from the heroes when I was young.”

“Ultraman Trigger” is currently being broadcast every Saturday at 9:00 AM, on the 6 affiliated channels of TV Tokyo. The rerun is available on the official YouTube “Ultra Channel”, Ultra Subscription “TSUBURARYA IMAGINATION”, etc.

<Below are the full comments>

Tsuchiya Shinba

Hello! I’m Tsuchiya Shinba as the young man Ribut.
When I was young, I was a boy who adores heroes.
Then, during the winter on my last year in middle school, I started to take lessons at the action studio of Iwada Hideyoshi-san, the suits actor of the Ultraman at that year. And I spent the three years of my high school on the action every day. When I was admitted to the university, my master Iwada-san told me “Please take this time and think about your future” and after thinking for a while, I decided to be a voice actor. Seven years after that, I was able to be involved in an Ultraman work. I hope I am able to connect the guiding light of “Ultraman Trigger” with the light that I received from the heroes when I was young.

“Ultraman Trigger”
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