“Rurouni Kenshin Final Chapter The Final / The Beginning”, which will be celebrating two consecutive screenings nationwide on Jul. 3 and Aug. 7 as the final episode of the live-action movie “Rurouni Kenshin”, will include Kenshin’s “mystery of the cross-shaped wound”. It is found that Arata Mackenyu appears as the most feared enemy in the history of the series.

Enishi that Arata will play is a mysterious weapons merchant who controls the underworld of the Chinese continent, sending weapons and warships and manipulating Shishio Makoto.
He has a strong resentment in Kenshin, and he will launch “Jinchu (human punishment)” to destroy not only Kenshin but also everything related to Kenshin, as well as the new era created by Kenshin.

Arata, who participated in the “Rurouni Kenshin” series for the first time, commented on his feelings at the time of receiving the offer, “Actually, I was offered many years ago and was very happy at that time. But I just couldn’t imagine what would happen if I played in the very famous title and to the shootings with the action scenes. ”

Looking back on the fierce shooting, “It was very hard, but I managed to get over it really while being supported by director Otomo and action director Tanigaki, and the action team.”, and he is confident with the quality of the work saying, “There are great action scenes at the beginnings and you really should take a look at the scenes where Kenshin meets Enishi and wages a battle with him because I broke my back for it. ”

Producer Koiwai Hiroyoshi told an episode about the offer about two years before the shooting began, which seems early to give an offer, “The live-action version of Jinchu arc will not be complete without an actor who can play a special role as Enishi; An actor who can leave his youthfulness, has an international atmosphere, and can drive Kenshin with overwhelming action and performance. I could only think of Arata Mackenyu who I met at the time of his debut, and I made him meet Director Otomo when the plan was launching in 2017. I felt something fateful about meeting the actor Arata Mackenyu at this timing. ”

Director Otomo Keishi evaluated him, saying, “When I first met him, I deeply remembered that I was attracted to his straight glance and immediately told the producer that I couldn’t think of anyone but him. Indispensable to the role of Enishi is an overwhelming youth and fierceness, and purity and nicety like madness lurking at the bottom. He emerged before my eyes as embodying great potential and scale. ”

Furthermore, he acclaimed his preparing for the role, saying, “As Enishi’s trademark of white hair and the orange outfit, his body and sensibility to dress them are exactly apart from the Japanese, and as an existence that threatens Kenshin, his tremendous talent is fully shown. His fresh charm has been undoubtedly driving the new series. Please look forward to it.”

In addition, the visual that was released for the first time captures the eyes in craziness slightly visible from the back of the black sunglasses, and the eerie white hair color of Enishi played by Arata.
When he fights, it is marked by an action of taking off his jacket and exploding his emotions, so we could expect to see his well-trained physical beauty.

The movie “Rurouni Kenshin Final Chapter” will be screening for two consecutive titles, “The Final” on Jul. 3 and “The Beginning” on Aug. 7. A special news video of the main story will be released on Feb. 21 for the first time.

(C) Watsuki Nobuhiro / Shueisha (C) 2020 Movie “Rurouni Kenshin Final Chapter The Final / The Beginning” Production Committee