The 2nd key visual & PV footage from the original anime “Appare-Ranman!” by P.A.WORKS (broadcast starting in Apr. 2020) have been released. Three additional cast members, Sakurai Takahiro, Sugita Tomokazu, and Okitsu Kazuyuki have also been announced.

“Appare-Ranman!” is an original animation directed by Hashimoto Masakazu (known for “Tari Tari” and “Crayon Shin-chan: Honeymoon Hurricane ~The Lost Hiroshi~ “), who is also the series composer and author of the original story, and produced by the animation studio P.A.WORKS (known for “Fairy Gone” and the movie “Shirobako”).
When the curtain is about to fall upon 19th century and open a new one on the 20th, a genius engineer lacking in social interactions named “Sorano Appare” and a brilliant yet cowardly samurai named Isshiki Kosame, after drifting from Japan to America by accident, decide to participate in the “America Transcontinental Race” in order to go back home.

The new cast members include Sakurai Takahiro (as Dylan G. Ordene), Sugita Tomokazu (as TJ), and Okitsu Kazuyuki (as Seth Rich Cutter).

Dylan G. Ordene (voiced by Sakurai Takahiro), also known as the “Heroic Dylan”, is one of the legendary “Thousand Three” outlaws.
He was hired with a handsome salary by the big automobile company GM in order to participate in the race with a car specially made for it. Although he is the most anticipated candidate to win the race, he seems not to have a great interest in it. However, he recognizes that Appare is a very interesting and audacious person.
He is a man of few words, with a lot of experience in actual fighting and outstanding gun skills.

TJ (voiced by Sugita Tomokazu) is also one of the legendary “Thousand Three” outlaws.
He is known and feared as “Crazy TJ” both for his ostentatious fashion and eccentric hairstyle, and his tendency to jump into danger in search of excitement. He was hired by the “Iron Motor” automobile company to participate in the transcontinental race. He likes the ill-bred and impertinent Appare, and also feels a kind of affinity to his eccentric hairstyle.

Seth Rich Cutter (voiced by Okitsu Kazuyuki) is an employee of the big automobile company GM, and he is also one of the organizers for the transcontinental race.
He is an ambitious man who aims at becoming one of the GM leaders by enlivening the race and leading “GM” to the victory. To do so, he starts planning promotion parades and festivals prior to the race itself and hiring Dylan as a GM driver. In fact, he is a former engineer involved in designing racing cars.

Furthermore, the artists in charge of the opening and ending theme songs were also announced.
The title of the OP theme song is “I got it!” by Mia REGINA, while Morikubo Showtaro will be in charge of the ending theme song. For more details, please wait for further news.

P.A.WORKS’s original TV anime “Appare-Ranman!” will be broadcast from Apr. 2020.

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