The special programs featuring KADOKAWA's works such as “Plunderer”, “Higurashi When They Cry”, “Appare Ranman!”, and “Date A Live”, will be streamed on Mar. 21, 2020 in “KADOKAWA Anime Channel”. There will be a talk show, which you can only hear here, featuring cast from each work.

For this special program, it is planned to have a talk show with the cast of 4 works and live from 2 singers. Other than the latest information, you will also be able to hear the talk that is limited in this program.

The special program “I will plunder your heart, talk show” featuring the casts from the anime “Plunderer” which are Nakajima Yoshiki, Honizumi Rina, Umehara Yuuichirou and Yuuki Aoi. From the “Higurashi When They Cry”, where its latest project was announced, are Hoshi Souichirou and Nakahara Mai. They will be delivering the latest information and also the latest teaser.

From P.A. WORKS original animation “Appare Ranman!” are Hanae Natsuki, Yamashita Seiichirou, and Aoi Yuuki, where they will have a talk show. The SP program will be conducted by Inoue Marina, Sanada Asami, and Bridcutt Sarah Emi from “Date A Live” where the anime “Date A Live IV” was decided and the spinoff “Date A Bullet” that is currently planned to have an anime adaptation.

Other than that, the live program “KADOKAWA ARTIST LIVE” featuring the singers that color up KADOKAWA's anime via music, will also be streamed. Azuna Riko will be appearing in “vol.5” while Suzuki Konomi will be appearing in “vol.6”

These programs will be available on Mar. 21, 2020, on YouTube “KADOKAWA Anime Channel”. Do check the official website for the streaming time.

(C)2020 Minazuki Suu/KADOKAWA/Plunderer Production Committee
(C)2020 Ryuukishi07/Higurashi When They Cry Production Committee
(C)2020 KADOKAWA/P.A.WORKS/Appare Ranman Production Committee
(C)2014 Tachibana Koshi・Tsunako/KADOKAWA Fujimi Shobo/”Date A Live II” Production Committee