The main trailer of the movie “SHIROBAKO” (to be released on Feb. 29, 2020) has been released. It showed that the familiar characters from the TV series and new characters have been struggling in the production of anime, having told that they have to stop the original production by Marukawa, the President of “Musani”, with the theme song “Hoshi wo Atsumete” by fhana, which was released for the first time.

“SHIROBAKO” is an original TV anime that depicts the everyday life, conditions, and the reality of the animation industry that accepts anything as they are, sometimes softly and sometimes strictly with brutal frankness.

How the fascinating characters are facing the animation production head-on and the ensemble play attracted the sympathy from many anime fans, regardless of age, gender, and generation, and became a hot topic in the anime industry. After a TV anime broadcasted in 2014, a new story will be depicted as a movie.

The story of the movie takes place 4 years after the TV series.
One day, Miyamori Aoi, a heroine who had been struggling with her daily work, decided to be entrusted with a new project movie anime. However, there were unexpected pitfalls in it.
Is it possible to proceed with the movie anime in the current situation of the company … Miyamori was worried about the situation, but she started working with her new friend Miyai Kaede and the familiar “Musani” members toward its completion.

The movie “SHIROBAKO” will be released nationwide on Feb. 29.

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