“Say You to Yo Asobi” with voice actors Namikawa Daisuke and Ishikawa Kaito as the host aired on ABEMA’s “Anime Live Channel” on March 3rd, 2022 from 10 p.m. to 11:30 p.m.

In this broadcast, Saito Soma, who is currently starring in the anime “Orient”, was invited as a guest to participate in an “Onitaiji (Demon Busting)” program for his right to promote “Orient” on the show. The program included “Defeat the Oni-Furi Director”, in which the guest has to do his recordings through a variety of reckless tasks that are given to the guest, along with “Don’t be fooled by the Oni-Baka Staff!”, where the guest has to keep his calm and talk while the staff tries to disturb the guest in numerous ways.

■Will he get the right to promote the anime “Orient”? Is Saito Soma mad during the “Onitaiji” program?

In this broadcast, Saito Soma made his first appearance at “Yo Asobi” in about two years. Ishikawa and Saito are old acquaintances, having worked together as radio personalities for many years, however, the faces he shows in front of Namikawa and Saito are different leaving him somewhat feeling awkward and unsettled. Namikawa and Saito decide to have a private talk in which Saito reveals that Ishikawa is different when he is on and off the show along with how he is a logical person although he acts like an intuitive person. Ishikawa is seen watching behind the scenes, holding his head. Contrary to Namikawa’s image of Ishikawa being kind to everyone, Saito explains how Ishikawa shows fewer emotions toward Saito, and Namikawa is surprised saying, “I don’t remember him as that kind of character”. Ishikawa later joins the opening conversation and the program starts in a friendly atmosphere.

Saito appears in the currently airing anime “Orient”. The story sets place in a “neo-Sengoku” world, where they exterminate demons with epic battle action scenes. Throughout the program, the special program “Onitaiji” is aired which Saito has to play to gain his right to promote the anime.
The first special program is “Defeat the Oni-Furi Director”, in which participants have to respond to the random tasks given by the director of the recording studio.As Namikawa challenges as an example, he is given tasks such as “use your crystal voice”, “like this is your first time at the job”, and “like you are the bar mom”. “You’re good!” “That’s Namikawa!”ー Saito and Ishikawa express their amazement as they see Namikawa’s performance.
Saito challenges next, he is given tasks like “as a playboy”, “like a musical”, “like Kuro-chan”, and “like a drunk”. He can complete the tasks, however, he screams “Shut up!” in anger in the final task which was to “leave an impression”. The mild-mannered Saito unexpectedly lost his temper and the two laughed out loud saying, “It’s rare to hear Soma say shut up” and “That was my favorite Soma-san’s voice!”.

Other programs such as “Save the Oni-Ponkotsu assistance director”, where the participants present their subject using completely unrelated images that the assistant director has prepared, and “Don’t be fooled by the stupid staff!”, where the guest has to keep his calm and continue the talk show while the staff tries to disturb the guest.
In “Save the Oni-Ponkotsu assistance director”, both Ishikawa and Saito showed off their excellent skill in quick thinking and presentation skills. However, in the “Don’t be fooled by the stupid staff!” program, Saito loses his patience and is in anger again. Unperturbed by the school bell and the intrusion of a staff member asking for his autograph, he continues his talk about men’s beauty, such as applying moisturizer for 30 minutes straight right after getting out of the bath with 5-minute intervals. But soon after, a long drum roll sounded, and Saito, who was completely distracted, went crazy again. The special program was forced to end but the studio erupted in laughter, earning Saito his right to promote the anime.

Saito is allowed to promote the anime “Orient” where he explains, “In the world of ‘neo-Sengoku, there are many weapons which make characters have different styles of fighting. He also explains the attractiveness of the anime where he loves not just the serious scenes but the scenes of humor and gag during the show.