The second promotional video of the brand-new TV anime “Urusei Yatsura” (broadcast starts on October 13, 2022) has been released. The production team announced that “MAISONdes,” an imaginary apartment building that produces “the most popular music on social media today,” will produce the opening and ending theme songs.

The original work of “Urusei Yatsura” is the debut comic of Takahashi Rumiko, the legendary manga artist who still stands at the forefront of the industry today. It is a rom-com loved by many readers, and the story begins with the encounter between Moroboshi Ataru, the “most dangerous” high school student on earth, and Lum, a beautiful “alien girl” from outer space.

The brand-new TV anime will carry out 4 seasons and broadcast selected episodes from the original story in commemoration of Shogakukan’s 100th anniversary.
Kamiya Hiroshi will play the main character Moroboshi Ataru, a.k.a. “Darling,” and Uesaka Sumire will act as Lum, the heroine. Other cast members include Uchida Maaya as Miyake Shinobu, Miyano Mamoru as Mendou Shutarou, Takagi Wataru as Sakuranbou a.k.a. Cherry, Sawashiro Miyuki as Sakura, Hanazawa Kana as Ran, Konishi Katsuyuki as Rei, Hayami Saori as Oyuki, Ishigami Shizuka as Benten, Mizuki Nana as Princess Kurama, Miyake Kenta as Onsen Mark, Sakurai Takahiro as Ozuno Tsubame, and Inoue Marina as Mendou Ryoko.

This time, the theme songs have been disclosed along with the second trailer.
The opening theme song is “Aiue feat. Minami, SAKURAmoti,” and the ending theme song is “Tokyo Shandy Rendezvous feat. Kafu, Tsumiki,” both by MAISONdes.

What will the newly reborn “Urusei Yatsura” be like with the renewal of images, cast, and music? Don’t miss the start of the anime.

The brand-new TV anime “Urusei Yatsura” will broadcast on October 13 on programs such as “Noitamina” of Fuji TV.

© Takahashi Rumiko・Shogakukan/ Anime “Urusei Yatsura” Production Committee