Lovely siblings, Piers (Nezu) and Marnie (Mary) of Spikemuth from the Galar region will make their first appearance in the TV anime “Pokémon”. The voice actors for the siblings are Shimono Hiro as Piers and Ogura Yui as Marnie.

Siblings Piers and Marnie will appear in the episode “Marnie of Spikemuth!” that is scheduled to be broadcast on February 25, 2022.
Ash will be facing Marnie from the Galar region in the Pokémon World Championships, but he went to Spikemuth after being given false information regarding the venue by Team Yell, who wanted Marnie to win due to the absence of the opponent.

In that town, he encountered Marine’s older brother and the gym leader of Spikemuth, Piers. After that, when they are on their way to the actual venue, Wyndon, on Piers’ bike, he heard about the reason for Marine being in the championship… The exciting Ultra Class battle will start now!

“Marnie of Spikemuth!” featuring siblings Piers and Marnie is scheduled to be broadcast at 6:55 PM, on February 25, 2022, on TV Tokyo affiliated channels.

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Shimono Hiro, voice of Piers

I had appeared in some of the past TV series of “Pokémon”, but since it has been a long time, I am quite nervous… (haha). At the same time, I had conducted the recording session while doing my best.

Piers has his own thoughts toward the Pokémon battle, but I am able to share his feeling due to that. And his side where he adored his sister, Marnie, despite his appearance makes me love him more. As I had enjoyed voicing Piers, who has quite a different personality, I hope you would look forward to the achievement of him together with his sister, Marnie.

Ogura Yui, voice of Marnie

Since I was young, I am quite familiar with “Pokémon”‘s games and anime “Pokémon”, so when I was informed that I had gotten the role of Marnie, it make me quite happy. Marnie is not only cute, but she is also quite cool.
Especially during the battle, as she will battle passionately while expressing her strong determination. In order to show off her passion, I will go all out against Ash. This time, I conducted the recording session together with Shimono-san (voice of Piers) and during the recording, he looked after me greatly as if he is my actually older brother. As I believe those interactions will be reflected in the acting, I hope you can look forward to it!

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