The cast members of the TV anime “Platinum End”, broadcast scheduled in autumn 2021, have been announced. The cover of the final manga volume has also been revealed.

“Platinum End” is the latest work of Ohba Tsugumi (story) and Obata Takeshi (Illustration), who produced “DEATH NOTE” and “Bakuman”. The story starts when a young boy, who plans to jump off a building after feeling despaired about everything, encounters the single-winged angel.

The cast members are Irino Miyu and Ogura Yui. Irino will voice the main protagonist “Kakehashi Mirai”, who obtained the “Angel’s Wing” and “Angel’s Arrow” from Nasse, while Ogura will voice the special-rank angel “Nasse”, who is helping Mirai to have a wonderful life.
The comments from the two have also been released.

Moreover, the cover of the original comic “Platinum End Vol. 14” and “DEATH NOTE Short Stories Compilation”, which will be released on February 4, 2021, have been revealed. This will be the final volume of “Platinum End” that was serialized on “Jump SQ.” from November 2015 to January 2021.
“DEATH NOTE Short Stories Compilation” is the latest “DEATH NOTE” comic that fans have anticipated from 14 years ago.

TV anime “Platinum End” will start broadcasting in autumn 2021, on TBS and other channels.

Irino Miyu, voice of Kakehashi Mirai
Despite the fantasy elements, the inner conflict and their daily life are quite realistic. What’s living? What’s death? Just when we are trying to avoid those, we won’t able to avert our eyes after being struck with “What will you do?”. I attended the audition with the determination of “Kakehashi Mirai is someone only I can voice”. So, I will appear even if it costs my soul.

Ogura Yui, voice of Nasse
This time, I am in charge of the voice of the special-rank angel Nasse. When I was being offered an audition, I had the thought of “I really want to voice her!”, so I was extremely happy that I got the role. The “life and death” of a human and angel. What’s the true “happiness”? Despite the fantasy elements, the story will attract you naturally as it might happen around us as well. I will attend the recording by getting close to the work’s setting and character while enjoying it as well.

(C)Ohba Tsugumi, Obata Takeshi/ Shueisha, Platinum End Production Committee
(C)Ohba Tsugumi, Obata Takeshi/ Shueisha