It was revealed that the strongest gym leader of Sinnoh region, Volkner from “Pokemon Diamond and Pearl” will appear for the first time in 11 years in the TV anime “Pokemon”. The comments from Nojima Hirofumi (the voice of Volkner) have been released as well.

In the main story, Ash joined the “Pokemon World Championship” as he wants to have a battle with the strongest champion, Leon. After he won the fight with Iris, his ex-companion as well as the champion of Unove region, he continued to rank up to the hyper class. Then, when Ash reached the 99th place, his next opponent is the gym leader of Sunyshore City, Volkner, whom he have a fierce fight with during his travel at Sinnoh region.

In “Super Electromagnetic Hyper Class Battle!” (Broadcast date on August 20, 2021), a 3 on 3 battle will be held. Toward Volkner, who is using strongest electric Pokémon, such as Luxray, Ash is giving his all while using the Z-Ring.
The battle between the strongest gym leader of Sinnoh Region, Volkner and the first champion of the Alola region’s Pokémon League, Ash. How will the developments in the hyper class battle that is filled with strong opponents turn out? This will surely be an episode that “Anime Pokémon” fan can’t miss out on.

TV anime “Pokemon” is broadcast every Friday at 6:55 PM, on TV Tokyo affiliated channels.

Nojima Hirofumi, voice of Volkner
It has been a while since I voiced Volkner, so when I received the offer, it made me feel nostalgic as well as the intense joy of “I can voice him again!”. In “Pokemon Diamond and Pearl”, during the first battle with Ash as the gym leader, the battle didn’t end properly, so a total of 2 gym battles were conducted. I performedwill perform the recording while looking forward to how the battle of this two challengers in the Pokémon World Championship will turn up.

Volkner is usually calm and composed, but his passion and intensity during the battle is not inferior to Ash. Please look forward to it as I believe you will be able to see the Volkner-like Pokémon battle!

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