The covers of the latest issue of “My Girl”, a visual book that approaches the real nature of a voice actress, “My Girl vol.32” (Release Date: March 31) have been revealed. The voice actress Ogura Yui will appear on the cover page.

Ogura Yui will appear on both the cover page and the content. Along with the photos of Ogura in the natural pose, it will feature an article with approximately 35-pages. Also, along with the interview with the theme of “Important Anniversary and her latest single “Clear Morning”, there will also have a project on discovering the various travel itineraries that Ogura prefers. The corner where Takahashi Minami, Maeshima Ami, and Onishi Aguri talking about Ogura Yui is a must-read content for fans.

Kito Akari is featured on the back cover. She is featured in the approximately 25 pages long article that contains her whole-body photos and the long interview to get close to her personal charm. There is also an interview with Yuuki Aoi, Waki Azumi, and Haruno Anzu under the title of “The Kito Akari that I knew”.

The magazine will also contain photos and interview with Maeshima Ami, Kusunoki Tomori, Aida Rikako, and others.

“My Girl vol.32” is priced at 1,500 JPY (tax excluded) and it will be available on nationwide and online bookstores on March 31.