Voice actors Namikawa Daisuke and Ishikawa Kaito appeared in “Seiyu to Yoasobi THU” [Namikawa Daisuke x Ishikawa Kaito] #26″, which was broadcast on October 28, 2021 on the “Anime LIVE Channel” of the new future TV “ABEMA”.

In this episode, which was the fourth day of the “Halloween Special Week”, Namikawa and Ishikawa appeared as “Angel and Devil”. In addition to the debate between angels and devils in “Dummy Head Mic Challenge by Angel and Devil,” the two tested their instantaneous force in “Essential Skills for Voice Actors! Let’s Train Our Instantaneous Force!”, and “Let’s Test Our Money Sense! Let’s Guess Exactly!” for aiming to guess 300 JPY sharp, combining dagashi, and so on.

In this episode, Namikawa appeared as the angel “Namiel” and Ishikawa as the devil “Kaitros”. Ishikawa looked cool in an all-black outfit with big feathers and devil horns, while Namikawa looked like a comical angel with a bobbed hair and too small angel wings. “I’m more of an old lady than a middle-aged guy,” “The wings are so small,” and “Who said you could close up!?” they said to make fun of themselves.

In addition, the two were in full energy from the opening of the show, doing a skit whispering angelic and devilish things to AI who was wondering whether to watch “Yoasobi” or not, and making funny faces during the camera pose time to let viewers get screenshots. The viewers got hyped saying, “The devil is hot!” “Being Namiel is tough lol” “Can’t stop taking screenshots.” The program started with a lot of laughter.

In “Dummy Head Mic Challenge by Angel and Devil,” a debate between the positive angel Namiel and the negative devil Kaitros took place.They had a heated debate on such topics as “Namikawa is wondering whether to eat ramen” and “Ishikawa is wondering whether to work out”.

When they were challenged to the corner “a boy who is wondering whether to become a voice actor,” Kaitros Ishikawa played as a villain and said, “It’s not that easy!”, conveying the severity of the voice acting industry, including the high degree of competition for some roles. On the other hand, Namikawa, a.k.a. Namiel, talked about his hopes and dreams as a voice actor, but he gradually became demonized by the overly optimistic AI. Ishikawa also said, “You’re a fallen angel! “Which side are you on now, Namiel?”

Namikawa revealed himself as an angel, and he also talked about severity. In the end, even though Ishikawa is a devil, he said, “You have a good voice, you have a youthful voice,” and “You’ll do well if you could aim for where there are few competitors!” As a result, the devil’s opinion won, and the two of them laughed together, saying, “Only the devils are here! “The devil and angel agreed on too much.”

In the latter half of the program, the two played a game called “Essential Skills for Voice Actors! Let’s Train Our Instantaneous Force!” to see if they could answer a question within three seconds to test their instantaneous force.

Namikawa has often said that “instantaneous force is important for voice actors,” and when asked about the reason, Namikawa explained, “Right after the test, it’s lights-camera-action time. We have to handle requests immediately with little time,”and “The ability to get the right answer in one shot is instantaneous force.”

Ishikawa gave a big nod and said, “Almost everything Namikawa-san said is true, but switching your mind to play multiple roles in a day is also a part of instantaneous power.”

After the two talked about the theory of voice acting, the game started immediately. “Isn’t this corner enough?” “If we missed one, it’s not convincing!” Namikawa was intimidated by the game that could overturn his previous statements, but when asked “Why do you get tanned all year round?” “I get burned even by fluorescent lights,” he replied, “I’m painting my face white today. But it’s already coming out, isn’t it?” He answered instantly. He got a laughter without forgetting his humor.

Ishikawa, on the other hand, showed his quick thinking by instantly giving an episodic answer to the question, “What do you enjoy doing these days?” “In response to the topic, “Please make an acrostic (Japanese syllabary) with the words ‘Yoasobi’,” he made a brilliant acrostic with a message for the audience, showing his quick thinking. After that, the two proved their instantaneous power by effortlessly answering the staff’s unreasonable and boundary-pushing questions with their brilliant ignoring skills and responses.

<“Anime LIVE Channel” / “Seiyu to Yoasobi THU [Namikawa Daisuke x Ishikawa Kaito] #26”
Aired on Thursday, October 28, 2021
Cast (honorifics omitted): Namikawa Daisuke, Ishikawa Kaito
*This program is only available on ‘ABEMA Premium*’.