“Say You to Yoasobi Tuesday ‘Shimono Hiro X Uchida Maaya’ #26” featuring the voice actors Shimono Hiro and Uchida Maaya was broadcast from 10:00 PM to 11:30 PM, on October 26, 2021, on the “Anime LIVE Channel” of the new futuristic TV “ABEMA”. During this broadcast, Shimono has appeared as a “werewolf” while Uchida as a “Little Red Riding Hood”.

This was the second broadcast of the “Halloween Special Week”, where the hosts of each day are dressed up in a costume, and the theme of Shimono and Uchida costume was “Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood” that was chosen based on the previous audience survey. As this is the annual Halloween party, both of them had appeared in a flashy manner.

Toward the high-spirited Uchida, who took up a posture while saying “I’m Uchida Maaya! Kiran☆”, it has received comments, such as “Cuteee” and “Maaya-chaaan!!” from the audiences.

Then, under the request of Uchida who wanted to see the “cool side” during the previous broadcast, Shimono appeared as a “werewolf” with a rock atmosphere in the green color contact and silver wig along with the line of “I won’t let you say I’m cute. Growl”. Shimono commented about his appearance as “These type of visual kei people existed right!?”, Uchida got excited and mentioned, “You look like a game character!”.

During the program, the corner “Let’s make a healing Halloween cocktail~!”, where they challenged making an original cocktail with the Halloween theme.
They started making the cocktail based on the song titles from Uchida’s latest album “HIKARI”, where Shimono is “Itsuka Kumo ga Haretanara (When the Cloud Clear Up)” while Uchida is “Flash Idea”

Shimono was troubled over the expression of the cloud clearing up, but he then used the white drinks based on the “cloud”, such as milk and yogurt, to create his cocktail. For the “Clear up” part, he put a mint on top of the drink to express “Sprouting” at the end, and this idea got praised by Uchida.
On the other hand, Uchida mentioned “It would be nice for it to be tingling! As if ideas are rushing through the mind (Haha)” as she mixed the energy drink, cola, and whiskey. At the same time, to pursue the “dark cocktail sensation”, she also added tomato juice and plum inside her cocktail, and this caused Shimono to retort “What are you making!?”. When she tasted her complete cocktail, she muttered “It’s too strong!” as it seem that she had used too much whiskey, but she also showed a tipsy expression with her face being red while saying “But it’s delicious”.

During the second half of the program, the corner of playing the horror game “Clea” was conducted upon the request by Shimono.
As soon as the game has started, Uchida shouted “Aaaahh! It’s there!”, “What’s that! It’s so scary”, and “Eh? I hate this!” while being scared. And Shimono, who was calmed at the start, panicked at the end while saying “It’s there! It’s there!”, “I going to be chased around this much!?”, and “Oh no!!”.
After hearing the loudest scream of the day, the corner ended without them completing the game, but they showed off their burning desire to have their revenge by saying “It’s interesting!” and “I want to play it again”.

“Say You to Yoasobi Tuesday ‘Shimono Hiro X Uchida Maaya’ #26” is currently available on ABEMA.
During the next broadcast on November 2, Matsuoka Yoshitsugu will appear as a guest.