Part of the teaser visual of the anime “Fuuto PI” that is based on the manga that depicts the after story of “Kamen Rider W” has been released. The visual depicts the main leads Shoutarou and Philip.

“Fuuto PI” is based on the manga that depicts the official sequel of the 11th work of the Heisei Kamen Rider series “Kamen Rider W” (2009). It depicts the activities of “Buddy Detective” Hidari Shoutaro and Philip as Kamen Rider W as they faced the mysterious incidents in “Fuuto” with the familiar characters along with the mysterious beauty “Tokime”.

Part of the teaser visual depicting the main leads Shoutarou and Philip was released in advance during America’s largest pop culture event “New York Comic Con” that was held on October 7, 2021
The visual has a stylish design of the two characters with the theme color of this work as the background.

The broadcast of the anime “Fuuto PI” is scheduled for summer 2022.

■ Anime “Fuuto PI”
Broadcast schedule for summer 2022
Director: Kabashima Yousuke
Assistant Director: Tanemura Ayataka
Series Composition: Higuchi Tatsuto
Character Design, Key Animation Chief: Ebina Hidekazu
Key Animation Chief: Komatsubara Sei
Main Animator: Shikiji Yukiyoshi, Tominaga Kazuhito, Yokoya Kenta
Animation Production: Studio KAI
Production: “Fuuto PI” Production Committee

Original Creator: Ishinomori Shoutarou
“Kamen Rider W” Ishimori Productions, Toei
“Fuuto PI” Written by Sanjou Riku, Illustrated by Satou Masaki, Creature Design by Terada Katsuya / Ishimori Productions, Toei (Currently being serialized in Shougakukan’s Weekly Big Comic Spirits)

(C) 2022 “Fuuto PI” Production Committee