The latest information on “Shin Kamen Rider” was revealed at the joint press conference of “Shin Kamen Rider VS Anno Hideaki Exhibition” held on September 30, 2021. Along with the announcement of Ikematsu Sosuke and Hamabe Minami as the main cast, two types of promotional footage were unveiled.

“Shin Kamen Rider” is a live-action film directed and written by Anno Hideaki, who is well-known for “Evangelion” series. This is the first live-action film that is directed by Anno director after “Shin Godzilla” (2016), where he served as general director.

Two cast members have been announced in the conference, which are Ikematsu Sosuke as Hongo Takeshi (Kamen Rider) and Hamabe Minami as Midorikawa Ruriko.

Furthermore, two types of promotional footage have been unveiled, which are ‘”Shin Kamen Rider” Promotional Footage A’, which is based on the opening of episode 1 from “Kamen Rider” (1971), and ‘”Shin Kamen Rider” Promotional Footage B’, which is based on the opening of “Kamen Rider”.
These footage will surely raise your expectations for the main story.

“Shin Kamen Rider” is scheduled to be premiered in March 2023.

“Shin Kamen Rider”
Scheduled to be premiered in March 2023.
Original Creator: Ishinomori Shotaro
Script/Director: Anno Hideaki
Cast: Ikematsu Sosuke (Hongo Takeshi/Kamen Rider), Hamabe Minami (Midorikawa Ruriko)
Design: Maeda Mahiro, Yamashita Ikuto, Izubuchi Yutaka

(C)Ishimori Productions, Toei / 2023 “Shin Kamen Rider” Production Committee