The TV program “Unveiled! All Kamen Rider Super Poll” featuring the king of transformation heroes series, “Kamen Rider”, will air at BS Premium on November 6, 2021. In addition, the TV special “History Secrets: Kamen Rider Historia”, a retrospective of 50 years of Kamen Rider history, and the 1st episode of the first “Kamen Rider” series will also broadcast.

The “All Super Poll” is a TV show featuring popular TV series in which the fans can vote on different categories such as their favorite characters.
So far the show has broadcasted various editions featuring various anime series, “All Gundam Super Poll”, “All Macross Super Poll”, “All Pretty Cure Super Poll, “All Rumic(Takahashi Rumiko) Anime Super Poll”, “All Final Fantasy Super Poll”, “Unveiled! All Evangelion Super Poll”, and “Unveiled! All Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Anime Super Poll”.

The series selected this time was the “Tokusatsu” genre franchise, “Kamen Rider”.
Starting from 1971 (Year 46 of the Showa Era), it took an entire generation of children by storm popularizing the concept of “transformation!”. Once put on a hiatus, the series resumed soon after the start of the Heisei Era in Japan.
Until now the with a total of 33 TV show entries, the series featured more than 200 Kamen Rider heroes. It has also served as a stepping stone for many young raising talents, attracting a large and diverse audience ranging from kids to adults.

Fans will be able to vote on 3 different categories, “Titles”, including movies, “Kamen Rider”, and “Music”. What was it that made the series thrive for so long across half a century? Find out the answer through the enthusiastic votes and comments from the fans.

The retrospective of the series “History Secrets: Kamen Rider Historia” is scheduled for broadcast alongside the announcement of midterm results. In addition, the 1st episode of the 1971 “Kamen Rider” series is airing as well, so make sure to check out the beginnings of this 50 year franchise.

Votes for the “All Kamen Rider Super Poll” can be cast from September 17 to October 17, 2021.
“Unveiled! Kamen Rider Super Poll” will air on BS Premium at 22:30 on November 6. “History Secrets: Kamen Rider Historia” will air on BS Premium at 22:50 on October 2, and on NHK G at 15:05 on October 10. “Kamen Rider” episode 1 will air on NHK G at 16:00 on October 10.

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