“Shin Ultraman,” a film planned and written by Anno Hideaki and directed by Higuchi Shinji, will be screened in theaters on May 13. Tsuda Kenjiro, a voice actor, will be voicing “Alien Zarabu,” who was seen in the recently released trailer and was revealed to appear in the film. Tsuda has also commented on this announcement.

Zarab first appeared in the first “Ultraman” and is also known as the “evil alien.” Tsuda Kenjiro, who was awarded the Best Actor Award at the 15th Seiyu Actor Awards in 2020, is a very popular voice actor known for Kaiba Seto in “Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters,” Nanami Kento in “Jutjusu Kaisen,” Ryu in “The Way of the Househusband,” Lucius in “Thermae Romae,” and others.

Tsuda has also been a topic of conversation for his narration in TBS’s “Shin Joho 7days Newscaster” and his appearance in the TV drama “Saiai,” and he is also expanding his activities as an actor on stage and in films. We wonder how Zarab, the character he played, will appear in the movie. It is likely that Zarab will be a character that will attract more and more attention.

On June 22, “Shin Ultraman Music Collection,” a 2-CD set of music from the film, will be released simultaneously as a limited first-run edition and a standard edition. The content of the discs will be the same, but the limited first edition will come with an outer box and will also include an enclosure. In addition, purchasers will receive a sticker featuring the jacket illustration of the standard edition on a first-come, first-served basis when purchasing the album at participating stores. The stores will be announced at a later date, so please look forward to further information.

The movie “Shin Ultraman,” in which voice actor Tsuda Kenjiro also appears as the voice of the alien Zarab, will be released in theaters nationwide on May 13, 2022.

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Tsuda Kenjiro

I was so excited to be able to participate in “Shin Ultraman,” the evolution of Ultraman, which I watched as a child!
I am honored to be a part of the world created by Mr. Anno and Director Higuchi. Thank you for allowing me to play such an interesting role. Please come to the theater. I hope you enjoy it.

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