From the TV anime “Night Head 2041”, which is on air from July 14, comments from Toyokawa Etsushi, who played the role of Kirihara Naoto in the TV dorama version, and celebrities with siblings from various media have arrived.

“Night Head 2041” is an original TV anime revived by the script of the original author, George Iida, who has been the director of the TV doramas for more than 30 years.
In addition to siblings Kirihara Naoto and Naoya who suffer because of their supernatural powers in the dorama, another pair of brothers, Kuroki Takuya and Yuya, who are hunting the Kirihara siblings with powers as a national security unit, appears in this work. Welcome to a new story of “Night Head”.

To commemorate the start of the broadcast, comments from Toyokawa Etsushi, who played the role of Kirihara Naoto in the TV dorama broadcast in 1992 have arrived. Furthermore, since the main characters of “Night Head 2041” are the Kirihara brothers and the Kuroki brothers, comments were also received from celebrity siblings who are active in various fields. It includes Miura Yutaro, Ito Shunsuke (Oswald), Tsuchiya Shimba, Tsuchiya Honoka, Iketani Naoki, Kashiwabara Shuji, Yoshida Brothers, Yamagami Brothers, and Daitaku.

“Night Head 2041” is on air on Fuji TV “+ Ultra” and other channels every Wednesday from July 14. The first broadcast is scheduled to start at 01:05 A.M., which is a 10-minute push.

Toyokawa Etsushi (Kirihara Naoto)

“Night Head” is a special work in my career that has made many people know me. I have a lot of memories related to both Director Iida and Shinji. It was a pretty tough shoot, but it was a fulfilling six months.
“Night Head 2041” is also based on the original work by Director Iida, so it is a work with a considerably upgraded worldview.
I’ll be looking forward to watching each episode.

Miura Yutaro [Singer-songwriter]

The fully remade anime adaptation of “Night Head” is released.
Moreover, the story is set in the near future of 2041. My heart is throbbing.
I feel that my younger brother is an irreplaceable family and companion to me, though not as much as the Kirihara brothers.
I think there were many things that become possible to overcome when there are two of them.
Brothers who are “running away” and brothers who are “chasing”.
How will do these two groups interact and what kind of fate do they face?
I am very much looking forward to it as a viewer.

Ito Shunsuke (Oswald) [Comedian]

Many people who are chasing their ideals are unaware of their own abilities.
For example, some people end their lives as office workers despite their tremendous talent for baseball.
However, there are many cases where it leads to happiness.
Compared to resisting unwanted situations with unwanted abilities, like those in this story.
Thinking about this, my sister, who has the happiness of being able to jump into the desired world with the desired abilities, seems very strange.

Tsuchiya Shimba [Voice Actor]

This anime is awesome!
When I finished watching episode 1, I muttered without thinking, “I’ll be addicted to this.” A magnificent yet easy-to-enter world view, in which the romantic theme of “supernatural powers” is intertwined with the universal issue of “national organizations and individuals.”
Definitely a god anime. Please watch episode 1. I’m sure you will understand my excitement!

Honoka Tsuchiya [Talent]

Speedy and powerful battle action showed in Japan’s top-level CG anime.
It feels so real that you are immersed in that world. It’s amazing! I forgot about the time, and I literally binge-watched! What will happen to the story that unfolds over psychic powers… I can’t help but looking forward to it!

Iketani Naoki [World record holder in the Monster Box at 23 boxes]

ESP, brothers, fate… I enjoyed the uncertain story-telling where the brothers are intersected with various destinies in the near future.
I chose the same sport as my brother and he was my senior, so I found it very nice for the brothers in this story to get along and help each other.

Kashiwabara Shuji [Actor / Artist]

That legendary masterpiece “Night Head” is back as an anime with the script by George Iida, who is also the original author! That’s why I was so excited.
When I started to watch it, I was absorbed in the beauty of the visual and the interesting story, and before I noticed it, I was completely immersed in the worldview.
Since it’s a brother story, I, who also have a brother, can sympathize, and I’m looking forward to future developments!!

Yoshida Brothers [Musician]

● Older brother Yoshida Ryoichiro

Believe in power, believe in friends, believe in now, but don’t know the truth …
There is something in common with 2021.
However, the answer may be in this anime !?
Please watch it.

● Younger brother Yoshida Kenichi

What’s going on? Unpredictable development.
You will be drawn into each brother’s past, dots and lines, and the future beyond.
What will do people with powers to a government that enforces governance with a biased thinking?
I can’t help looking forward to the continuation.

Yamagami brothers [Magicians]

● Older brother Yamagami Yoshinosuke

“Night Head” is a dorama that was released even before we were born and it will be revived as a TV anime this year. I can’t help but look forward to seeing how two brothers will interact with each other, with rich content and drawing that make you feel as if you were watching a movie. Is this brother’s encounter a coincidence or inevitability? The time of “Night Head 2041” is now.

● Younger brother, Yamagami Akinoshin

SF story unfolds with a tremendous force of action. Two brothers are at the mercy of fate.
ESP, law, times, and a mysterious girl. As each thought and feeling intersect, brothers’ feelings become touching. I felt that there was something I could learn for me being the brother. This is an original anime that can be enjoyed not only by anime fans but also by drama fans! Please take a look at it.

Daitaku [Comedians]

● Older brother Dai Yoshimoto

The near future where psychic powers are banned.
A world where people with powers are suppressed by military power, and even “AKIRA” is designated as a forbidden book.
Brothers vs. brothers fight there.
Although they are in different positions, there is unchanging brotherhood.
I like the development and the sense of tempo that go one after another
This work is recommended for all brothers.
By the way, we can also use twin telepathy. Just kidding.

● Younger brother, Yoshimoto Taku

Everything starts with a dot.
The points are twisted and connected.
As the word says, two pairs of brothers with abilities are connected in different positions.
And the existence of a mysterious girl.
A sci-fi action set in the near future, and the CG images are unbearably beautiful.
It feels great to see the abilities and people that become clear in each episode!
If everyone sees it, the barrier will definitely be broken!

(C) George Iida / Night Head 2041 Production Committee