The key visual of the TV anime “My Senpai is Annoying” that will be starting in October 2021 has been released. At the same time, the additional cast members, including Hayami Saori, Koga Aoi, and Horie Yui, have been announced.

This is a daily romance comedy work by Shiromanta that is currently serialized on comic POOL (Ichijinsha). This popular work has the most likes (episode 1 = 415k likes) in 2017, at Twitter Manga and has taken first place in “Tsugi ni Kuru Manga Taisho 2018 Web Manga Category”, and the manga volume has more than 1 million copies in circulation.

The key visual has featured the gathering of all the main characters, including Igarashi Futaba (voiced by Kusunoki Tomori) and Takeda Haruma (voiced by Takeda Shunsuke). The additional cast members have been announced as well.

The colleague of the main protagonist Igarashi Futaba, Sakurai Touko is voiced by Hayami Saori, Kazama Souta is voiced by Tsuchida Reo, and Tsukishiro Mona is voiced by Koga Aoi, while Igarashi’s childhood friend, Kurobe Manami is voiced by Aoyama Reina and Sakurai’s younger brother, Sakurai Yuuto is voiced by Horie Yui. The comments from the cast members have been released.
The character voices of Sakurai and Kazama can already be heard on the commercial of the original comic on YouTube and Twitter.

TV anime “My Senpai is Annoying” will start in October 2021.

Sakurai Touko, voiced by Hayami Saori

I will try my best while enjoying voicing the bright, beautiful, and sometimes quite childish Sakurai-san.
Even during the recording session, everyone is focusing on their task while enjoying the harmonious atmosphere just like Itomaki trading company.
Please do check this out to heal the today you and providing you the energy for tomorrow.

Kazama Souta, voiced by Tsuchida Reo

I’m Tsuchida Reo, who will be voicing Kazama Souta.
After my role was decided, I read the original work while practicing my role at home, but I feel unease as I ended up laughing with the thoughts of “…Can I prevent myself from laughing during the recording..” (Haha)
But I am able voice him properly!
So, I hope that everyone can look forward to the broadcast with a smile.

Kurobe Manami, voiced by Aoyama Reina

I’m Aoyama Reina, who will be voicing Kurobe Manami-chan.
I was glad when I heard “It’s decided!”.
I will be watching over Futaba-chan while supporting her as Manami-chan…
I will do my best in toying and laughing.
Let’s get throbbed by all the characters, including Manami-chan!
Please look forward to it.

Sakurai Yuuto, voiced by Horie Yui

I’m Horie Yui, who will be voicing Sakurai Yuuto.
Yuuto-chan is a boy student, but as I am not used to to play boys, I felt pressure. However, I was given another pressure since I was told to express a cute boy while I was trying my best during the recording. (haha)
This is a very kind work, and it will make you throb, so please enjoy it.

Tsukishiro Mona, voiced by Koga Aoi

I’m Koga Aoi, who will be voicing Tsukishiro Mona.
Congratulation on the anime adaptation!!
I’m looking forward to seeing the movement of Futaba-chan and the other characters, and I feel honored to be able to join this work as Mona-san.
Even in the original work, Mona-san always does things at her own pace during her appearance scene.
I will do my best so that everyone can love Mona-san while I enjoying it with everyone without lacking back behind!
Do look forward to it.

◆Work Information
TV anime “My Senpai is Annoying” will start in October 2021!!

Original Creator: Shiromanta (Serialized on Ichijinsha “comic POOL”)
Director: Itou Ryouta
Series Composition: Narita Yoshimi
Character Design: Abe Jikou
Chief Animation Director: Murota Yuuhei, Yoshikawa Maho, Nakagawa Hiromi, Mutou Miki
Prop Design: Nakajima Eri
Art Director: Suzuki Shunsuke
Color Design: Itou Yuka
Photography Director: Kuwano Takafumi
Editor: Kimura Kashiko (MADBOX)
Sound Director: Takadera Takeshi
Music: Tsutsumi Hiroaki
Animation Production: Douga Kobo

Cast Member
Igarashi Futaba: Kusunoki Tomori
Takeda Haruma: Takeda Shunsuke
Sakurai Touko: Hayami Saori
Kazama Souta: Tsuchida Reo
Kurobe Manami: Aoyama Reina
Sakurai Yuuto: Horie Yui
Tsukishiro Mona: Koga Aoi

(C) Shiromanta, Ichijinsha/ My Senpai is Annoying Production Committee