“Subaru has been thirsting for revenge since Rem was killed by Betelgeuse 20 years ago. Information on the Witch Cult comes in……!”

“New Chapter 2” will be added to “Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World Lost in Memories” (a.k.a. “Re:zeros”), the RPG for smartphones.

Details about “if” story, which has not been revealed so far, have finally been announced!

We will introduce various information, which was unveiled in “New Chapter 2 Before Release Special Program”, with the views of Kobayashi Yusuke, who appeared in the program and plays the role of Subaru! The information is about the prologue part, where the unprecedentedly desperate background was revealed, story tailor, gacha, events, etc.

What does Kobayashi Yusuke think of “Subaru after 20 years”? The comments from the author Nagatsuki Tappei have been arrives! For “New Chapter 2”, any information has not been revealed except for depicting “the story about 20 years after”.

However, this time, the information about the prologue part was unveiled at the beginning! In addition, it was read aloud by Kobayashi Yusuke, who plays the role of Subaru, which conveys the atmosphere of the episode.

First of all, the main attraction of “Re:Zeros” is that you can experience “the crossroad the may have existed” or “the story that may have existed” other than reliving the TV anime. “New Chapter 2” is also developed as one of such “if” stories.

For this episode, Kobayashi Yusuke mentioned the theme of “What is happening after the revenge?” and the finale that even Subaru was not able to expect. He commented that he wanted us to look forward to such aspects.

As a preparation for his role, he contemplated on “the feelings of bearing a severe grudge against someone for 20 years”. He thought such feelings should not last so long, and he imaged Subaru being thoroughly exhausted rather than being insanely mad.

For the time length of 20 years, he said that he attempted to look for the other way of expressing it than lowering his tone of voice. If he stuck to low tone of voice, his variation of performance would be limited, so he demonstrated “Subaru after 20 years” by adding contrast to the expression of weariness.

You can catch a glimpse of “Subaru after 20 years” in the prologue part mentioned above, so please watch it if you haven’t yet.

▲The messages from the author Nagatsuki Tappei have been revealed!
Information on gacha and other events have also been unveiled!
In addition to the details about the prologue and the messages from Nagatsuki Tappei, the trailer has also been shown.

▲New Chapter 2 “Zero Kara Aganau Isekai Seikatsu” (1st part) story trailer
The trailer revealed that the 1st part of “New Chapter 2” will be added on July 15! The information about the 2nd part will be coming soon. Please look forward to it.

Next, various gacha and events scheduled for “Zero Kara Aganau Isekai Seikatsu (1st Part)” have been introduced.

Let’s take a look at the dramatic scenes first. Part of them will be fully voiced in “New Chapter 2” as well as other events.

For the voice recording, Nagatsuki Teppei directed him online, but he did not have any particular request, and “left a decision” to Kobayashi. Kobayashi said that he felt reassured and grateful for trying performance plans with the support from the author.

For “New Chapter 2”, a limited-time gacha will be available, where you have a chance to get Subaru and Ferris after 20 years.

The remarkable point of this gacha is that Subaru and Ferris are equipped with the skills unique to “New Chapter 2″. Subaru uses a knife to hide his left arm, and Ferris mainly uses foot techniques, which are the vastly different fight styles from 20 years before. Even each animation to trigger the skill shows the passage of 20 years, so please carefully enjoy it if you win such items.

▲”Revenge After 20 Years Oni Gacha” Part 1

▲”Revenge After 20 Years Oni Gacha” Part 2

▲Detailed skills of “【Revenge After 20 Years Oni】 Subaru”

▲Detailed skills of “【Oblivion Healer】 Ferris”
As they are revenging against Petelgeuse, “Petelgeuse Subjugation Event 2” will be held. It was also be announced that new Memory Crystal exclusively for “New Chapter 2” will be added to conquer the story.

Aside from “New Chapter 2”, various updates and events are scheduled.
For “Shinsou no Meikyu (lit. Labyrinth of Mind)”, 8th layer is added on July 15, and 9th layer on July 22. In addition, support mission and “Layer Addition Commemorative Gacha” will be held.

The update to make it easier to win “Character no Kakera (Character Shards)” is ongoing. After “Kyuba no Michi Hetaro Kakera Dungeon” and “Kakera Dungeon Drop Reward 100% UP Campaign”, it will be adjusted so that you can win it more easily on other events and campaigns. Please look forward to the regular updates and events as well as “New Chapter 2”.

In this special program, the presents for viewers and other present campaign are being offered, so please do not forget to apply for!

“Re:Zeros” is drawing attention on its original story “New Chapter 2”. However, besides “New Chapter 2”, the story trailer announced an event for August at the end, possibly hinting a swimwear event. Please stay tuned for further developments of “Re:Zeros”.

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