From the brand new TV program “Bokura Teki niwa Reisou no Rakugo” featuring the voice actors Nakajima Yoshiki, Itou Kento, Tsuchida Reiou, and Sakakihara Yuuki, comes the off-shots during the recording of episode 11 “Kamimou (Visiting a Shrine)”.

“Bokura Teki niwa Reisou no Rakugo” is a brand new Rakugo entertainment featuring Nakajima, Itou, Tsuchida, and Sakakihara, in which two people in pairs perform rakugo together, dressed as fujoshi rakugo storytellers..
Nakajima as Mousoutei Yoroshiki, Itou as Mousoutei Waon, Tsuchida as Mousoutei Agari, and Sakakihara as Mousoutei Takemaru are Rakugo storytellers of “Mousoutei”, known for the BL Rakugo, and Morikawa Toshiyuki serve as a narrator and their teacher.

In episode 11 “Kamimou”, Waon, who is spending his leisure time at the cafe, is worrying about these “Winter War” funds and gives off a sigh while pressing the calculator. Then, Takemaru seeks assistance from Waon as he also wanted to go on a “war”.

The thought that came into their minds when they wanted to “Talk about the case studies by using Rakugo”, is “Daijingu” that share a similar situation. This Rakugo is about the Gods, which are Daijingu-sama and Buddha, having fun at Yoshiwara, but what would happen when Naruse Mafuyu (Terumi) and Yuuki Haruto (Yoshida Taiki) are added in…?

“Bokura Teki niwa Reisou no Rakugo” also known as “BokuRaku” is currently being broadcast on TOKYO MX (M-cast) and BS Nippon TV.

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