From the new TV show “Bokura Teki niwa Riso no Rakugo” starring voice actors Nakajima Yoshiki, Ito Kento, Tsuchida Reiou, and Sakakibara Yuki, candid shots from the filming of Episode 13 “Kokono Shikiri” have been released.

“Bokura Teki niwa Riso no Rakugo” is a new type of Rakugo entertainment where Nakajima, Ito, Tsuchida, and Sakakibara play as fudanshi rakugo storytellers and perform rakugo in pairs.
Having Nakajima as Mousou-tei Yoroshiki, Ito as Mousou-tei Waon, Tsuchida as Mousou-tei Agari, and Sakakibara as Mousou-tei Takemaru, the storytellers belong to “Mousou-tei” who are good at BL Rakugo and Morikawa Toshiyuki is the narrator as their teacher.

In Episode 13, “Kokono Shikiri”, Agari and Takemaru are given their first big stage performance. They are having a hard time deciding on a rakugo story, so they think of all the rakugo they have performed so far and come up with an idea of making a rakugo story in which everyone in the cafe appears.

Ahead of their gaze, there is Usui Ao (Tsuyuguchi Yuto), a waitress, who is being wished a happy birthday by all the regulars. To see that, they come to think of the classic rakugo story “Go For Wool and Come Home Shorn,” in which a group of people go to pick up a young master who hasn’t returned from Yoshiwara and end up playing together.

“Bokuraku” or “Bokura Teki niwa Riso no Rakugo” is currently airing on TOKYO MX (M-CAS) and BS NTV.

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