The broadcast of anime titles of fall 2021 is coming. There are many works lined up for next season! Have you decided which anime you would like to watch? In this article, we picked up anime that are based on the manga original. Please enjoy both anime and manga referring to the column ♪

■ Mieruko-chan

“Mieruko-chan” is a horror-comedy based on the manga by Tomoki Izumi, which was posted as short stories on Twitter and has received great attention and is currently being serialized in “ComicWalker.” It is a story about Yotsuya Miko, a high school girl who has started to see strange “dangerous” creatures that ordinary people can not see, and how she avoids them fully using her steel spirit and through skills.

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It is a fall! However, if you haven’t had enough horror this summer, you should watch it ♪ You can enjoy cute high school girls, including the main character Miko, her best friend Hana, who “attracts” monsters, Yulia who aims to become a strong psychic, and many “creatures” drawn with a passion will also appear. Enjoy the novelty of “cute” and “scary” attacking you in turns. However, looking at Miko who is scared, the reader seems to be able to keep calm a little…? Also, don’t miss soft sex appeal elements.

(C) Tomoki Izumi / KADOKAWA / Mieruko-chan Production Committee

■ Komi Can’t Communicate

“Komi Can’t Communicate” is based on the same-name manga by Oda Tomohito serialized in “Weekly Shonen Sunday”.
It is a comedy about the everyday life of Komi, a first-year high school student who suffers from an “extreme communicative disorder” and dreams of “making 100 friends,” and her “too ordinary” classmate, Tadano-kun, who becomes her first friend, and a group full of individualities. The drama’s broadcast will start in September 2021, one step ahead of the anime.

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If you are not good at socializing, you probably can relate to it. However, Komi-san has reached an incredibly high level. She communicates with Tadano-kun, who sits next to her, through written notes, but when will we hear Komi-san’s “voice” in anime?
Also, at the high school they attend, there are a lot of “unique” personalities such as Yandere, Sophomoric, Nervrotic, Hate to lose, Playboy…! Check out how the distance with Komi-san is getting closer. Also pay attention to Komi-san, who is cute and excited and shy.

(C) Oda Tomohito Shogakukan / Itan Private High School

■ Blue Period

“Blue Period” is an art spokon (never-give-up) story based on the manga by Yamaguchi Tsubasa serialized in “Monthly Afternoon”. Yaguchi Yatora, a high school student who has excellent grades and is ranked high in the school rating, but feels nothing but an empty frustration. One day, a picture he saw in the art room led him to enter the world of beautiful and harsh art and made him aim to enter the most difficult art school in Japan. It is the story about him living passionately his youth life.

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Yatora, a high school student who has entered the world of “art”, struggles to grow up facing the painting. Even if you don’t have any knowledge about art or art schools, it still will be interesting because you can learn from the same perspective as Yatora. At first glance, when you hear about “art club,” you may think that it is something simple, but when you get to know this world, you will be drawn into its gorgeousness, expressiveness, and depth.
In manga, you will see works on which many various characters have been working. Expectations for what colors will be used in anime are high.

(C) Yamaguchi Tsubasa / Kodansha / Blue Period Production Committee

■ My Senpai Is Annoying

“My Senpai Is Annoying” is based on the everyday romantic comedy by Shiromanta serialized in “comic POOL” (Ichijinsha). It is a popular work that won the highest number of favorites in 2017 (1 episode = 415,000 likes) and “Next Manga Award 2018 Web Manga Category 1st place” in the Twitter manga, and the total number of books has exceeded 1 million copies in the series.

[Recommended points]

It’s a somewhat frustrating and bittersweet story about Futaba, whose height is about an elementary school student but who works hard, and Takeda, who is big and dependable like a bear. Working people may feel “I want such a boss…” and “I envy you!”.
In addition, various love patterns will be unfolded, such as Futaba’s seniors Touko & Kazama, Futaba’s best friend Kurobe & Momoko’s younger brother, Yuuto. It is inevitable that you will grin at characters during lovey scenes.

(C) Shiro Manta / Ichijinsha / My Senpai Is Annoying Production Committee

■ Ranking of Kings

“Ranking of Kings” is an adventure fantasy based on the manga by Toka Sosuke serialized on the manga posting service “Manga Hack”. The main character is Prince Bojji, who is despised as “not capable enough as a king” because he cannot hear and is too weak to even swing his sword. The encounter with his first friend, Kage, gives him little courage to make a big difference in his life.

[Recommended points]

It looks like a children’s book, but don’t underestimate it. You will be drawn into the elaborate worldview and story. Rather, adults and children may be impressed by the appearance of Bojji, who is handicapped but trying hard to become a “good king” while being scorned by the people. It is also attractive that each character is carefully drawn in a “human” style. It’s a heartwarming story that will make you want to recommend it to others.

(C) Toka Sosuke / KADOKAWA / Animation “Ranking of Kings” Production Committee

■ World’s End Harem

“World’s End Harem” is based on the manga by LINK and Shono Kotaro serialized in “Shonen Jump +”. It is an erotic suspense set in a world where 99.9% of men on the planet have died due to a virus. The main character, Reito, who is one of the male “Numbers” who has resistance to the virus, is required to “mate” (child-making) for the survival of the remaining women and humankind, and eventually, he gets involved in a global conspiracy over “Numbers”.

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It is a work that you can enjoy the erotic and science fiction elements of “The harem world” where men have almost extinct. Various women such as cool beauty, older sisters, sports girls, caring teachers, and others will appear. There are also various types of survived men. Check out to how they deal with “mating”.

(C) LINK / Shono Kotaro / Shueisha / End Harem Production Committee

■ The Vampire Dies in No Time

“The Vampire Dies in No Time” is based on the high-tension vampire gag manga serialized in “Weekly Shonen Champion”. Vampire hunter Ronaldo goes to the castle of the vampire Dralc, who is feared to be invincible. However, Dralc’s true identity is actually such a weak vampire that he dies and turns into dust constantly!?
In the anime adaptation, Fukuyama Jun will play the role of Dralc and Furukawa Makoto will play the role of Ronaldo.

[Recommended points]

As the title suggests, the vampire Dralc dies immediately due to various triggers. Every time you advance one frame, the gags and responses continue to fold up, which will give you a greater feeling of satisfaction. With voice actors in anime, you may be able to enjoy it at a tempo that is a bit different from the manga.
In addition, unique characters such as Ronaldo’s fellow hunters, the members of the Kanagawa Prefectural Police Vampire Countermeasures Division, and the people of Shin-Yokohama will make the chaos even more exciting.

(C) Itaru Bonnoki (Akita Shoten) / Production Committee Die soon

■ Platinum End

“Platinum End” is the latest work of creators of “DEATH NOTE” and “Bakuman.” Ohba Tsugumi and Obata Takeshi.
A story that begins when Kakehashi Mirai, a boy who lost his family in an accident and had a hard time with his relatives, tries to throw himself from the roof of a building and meets an angel.

[Recommended points]

Fantasy x suspense by a stable and talented duo. Mirai, the main protagonist who tried to commit suicide, meets an angel and decides to “be happy” because he was saved, and struggles in the battles that he got involved. Readers are being dragged into interweaving fantasy with the universal theme of what “happiness” is. The action and performance that attract you with overwhelming drawing power is another point.

(C) Ohba Tsugumi / ObataTakeshi / Shueisha / Platinum End Production Committee

■ The Night Beyond the Tricornered Window

“The Night Beyond the Tricornered Window” is a horror mystery based on the manga by Yamashita Tomoko serialized in “MAGAZINE BE x BOY” with a cumulative sales of over 2 million copies. A bookstore clerk who is able to see ghosts, Mikado Kousuke, and exorcist, Hiyakawa Rihito, form a psychic detective duo for some reason and follow the mysteries of unsolved cases related to ghosts and curses.
In the TV anime following the live-action movie, Shimazaki Nobunaga will play the role of Mikado and Hatano Wataru will play the role of Hiyakawa.

[Recommended points]

A mystery horror with a slight BL drift. A duo of a bookstore clerk, Mikado, and the exorcist, Hiyakawa, find and solve terrifying and mysterious riddles hidden in everyday life! The method seems to be “insanely comfortable”…!? It is a duo story with a slightly mysterious view of the world. It is not exactly a horror, but it carefully expressed the psychological fear of murders that drawn you in more and more. The story is completed in 10 volumes, and it is recommended to read it all at once.

(C) Yamashita Tomoko / Libre Tricornered Window Project

In addition to the ones introduced so far, “Taisho Otome Fairy Tale Rihito”, and “Tesla Note” are also based on manga. Furthermore, seems that there are many anime sequels such as “Hanma Baki,” “Record of Ragnarok,” and “World Trigger.” Please find the perfect work to accompany the long autumn nights.