From the brand new TV program “Bokura Teki niwa Reisou no Rakugo” featuring the voice actors Nakajima Yoshiki, Itou Kento, Tsuchida Reiou, and Sakakihara Yuuki, comes the off-shots during the recording of episode 10 “Edo Women”.

“Bokura Teki niwa Reisou no Rakugo” is a brand new Rakugo entertainment featuring Nakajima, Itou, Tsuchida, and Sakakihara, in which two people in pairs perform rakugo together, dressed as fujoshi rakugo storytellers..
Nakajima as Mousoutei Yoroshiki, Itou as Mousoutei Waon, Tsuchida as Mousoutei Agari, and Sakakihara as Mousoutei Takemaru are Rakugo storytellers of “Mousoutei”, known for the BL Rakugo, and Morikawa Toshiyuki serve as a narrator and their teacher.

In episode 10 “Edo’s Women”, the regular patron of the cafe, Naruse Mifuyu (Terumi) will appear. The patron, who has a peaceful yet attractive beauty, has allured Majima Seiji (Ayagiri Takuya), Kiryuu Taiga (TAISE (G.U.M)), and Usui Ao (Tsuyuguchi Yuto) with his simple gesture.

It happened at the perfect time as Waon and Agari planned to talk about the benefits of “all-out assault”. Both of them overlapped themselves with the playboy onnagata role from the Kamigata Rakugo’s glossy story “Iie” as Mifuyu’s behavior is like the embodiment of an all-out assault.

“Bokura Teki niwa Reisou no Rakugo” also known as “BokuRaku” is currently being broadcast on TOKYO MX (M-cast) and BS Nippon TV.

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