It was announced that the voice actor Takuya Eguchi will be the host of ‘All Night Nippon X (cross)’, a radio program broadcast by Nippon Broadcast, on July 23. Eguchi is known for playing the voices of Nagi Rokuya in ‘Idolish 7’, Shuji Hanma in ‘Tokyo Revengers’, Souei in ‘That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime’ and Kaoru Hanayama in ‘Baki’.

‘All Night Nippon X’ is a radio program that started in spring this year, as a new brand within ‘All Night Nippon’. The program broadcasts on weekdays at midnight and changes the host weekly. This time, they announced to have Takuya Eguchi as the host on July 23.

‘Takuya Eguchi’s All Night Nippon X’ will be live broadcast on July 23, from 24:00 to 24:53. The program will also be available on the vertical theater app ‘smash.’

– Takuya Eguchi’s Comment

I am invited by THE All Night Nippon (X)!
I will be the host of the midnight radio program!
Let’s stay up together on Friday!