From the TV anime “NIGHT HEAD 2041”, the outline and scenes of Episode 3 “Complication, Trigger -Awakening-” (broadcast on July 29) have been released.

“NIGHT HEAD 2041” is an original TV animation brought back over 30 years time with the author Iida George, who directed the TV series, as the scriptwriter.
The TV series depicted the Kirihara brothers (Naoto and Naoya) suffering from their own supernatural powers. The anime depicts a new story of “NIGHT HEAD”, which features another pair of brothers, Kuroki Takuya and Yuuya, who work for the National Security Force and chase down the Kirihara brothers.

Episode 3 is titled “Complication, Trigger -Awakening-“.
Naoto and Naoya head to their old home to reunite with their parents. But instead of their house, they find a vacant lot. Suddenly, Futami Shouko appears and leads the brothers to the ruins of the factory run by their father.

There they encounter Takuya and Yuuya of the Security Force, who were investigating a series of high school suicides.

“NIGHT HEAD 2041” Episode 3 “Complication, Trigger -Awakening-” was broadcast on Fuji TV “+ultra” on July 29, 2021.

(C) Iida George / NIGHT HEAD 2041 Production Committee