TV anime ‘NIGHT HEAD 2041’ released the storyline and scene photos for episode 2 ‘Deception’, which broadcasts on July 21st (Wed).

‘NIGHT HEAD 2041’ is a TV anime based on the TV drama series ‘NIGHT HEAD’, which was broadcast 30 years ago. The plot for the new anime series is by George Iida, the director of the drama series. the drama series, George Iida.
The original drama series centers on the Kirihara brothers, Naoto and Naoya, who suffer from their supernatural powers. In addition to them, the anime series focuses on other brothers, Takuya and Yuuya Kuroki, to depict a new story of ‘NIGHT HEAD’.

The title for episode 2 is ‘Deception’.
Discovering that Miracle Mick is meeting up with a woman at a diner after escaping from the National Safety Forces, the Kuroki brothers and the National Safety Forces surround the diner, in hopes of capturing Mick.

However, there happen to be the Kirihara brothers who just got freed from Mikuriya’s lab…

‘NIGHT HEAD 2041’ episode 2 ‘Deception’ will be on air on July 21st (Wed) on ‘+Ultra’ by Fuji TV. The broadcast of episode 2 is planned to start five minutes later, at 25:00.

(C) George Iida/NIGHT HEAD 2041 Production Committee