Broadcast information for the TV anime “NIGHT HEAD 2041” has been announced, and it will start on July 15, 2021 at 1:05 a.m. on Fuji TV’s “+Ultra”. At the same time, the key visual, main PV, and additional cast information were also announced.

The original script for this work was written by Iida Joji, the director and original author of “NIGHT HEAD”, a TV drama that was broadcast in 1992 and had a cult following.
After 30 years, this TV anime will be revived as a new story.

Ahead of the broadcast from July, a tense key visual of the two pairs of brothers, the “Kirihara Brothers” and the “Kuroki Brothers”, who are at odds with each other and tossed about by fate, has been released.
In addition, the opening theme has been decided to be “Icy Ivy” by Who-ya Extended, and the main PV, which depicts the clash between the two brothers in high quality images, has also been unveiled.

In addition, additional cast members were announced to play the main characters related to the “Kirihara Brothers” and “Kuroki Brothers”.
Okitsu Kazuyuki will play Sonezaki Michio, who belongs to the special task force of the National Security Headquarters together with “Kuroki Brothers”,
Lynn will play Muto Reika, and Mamiya Yasuhiro will play Honda Daisuke, the head of the special task force.

As well as that, Ueda Rena plays Akiyama Yui, a diner clerk who encounters the “Kirihara Brothers”. Hikasa Yoko plays Kobayashi Kimie, a mysterious woman who works with Miracle Mick, a special task force of the National Security Headquarters. Maeda Kaori plays Futami Shoko, a mysterious girl the “Kuroki Brothers” meet in a ruin during their mission to capture Miracle Mick.
Also, Ginga Banjo will play the role of Mikuriya Kyoujiro, a researcher who was also involved with the Kirihara Brothers in the TV drama version of “Night Head” broadcast in 1992.

The cast also includes Sugita Tomokazu, Hayami Saori, Kobayashi Chikahiro, Endo Aya, Shingaki Tarusuke, Nanami Hiroki, Ishigami Shizuka and Kiyokawa Motomu.

“NIGHT HEAD 2041″ will start on July 15, 2021 at 1:05 a.m. on Fuji TV’s “+Ultra”. The second and subsequent episodes will be broadcast at 0:55 a.m.
The novel “NIGHT HEAD 2041” will be released on August 12 and September 15, and the manga “NIGHT HEAD 2041” on August 6.

<The following is the full text of the comments.>
Sonezaki Michio (CV:Okitsu Kazuyuki)

“NIGHT HEAD 2041” Night Hhead? That Night Hhead?
I was living in the Kansai area, and I had a massive yearning to be that Night Hhead! I checked with the office.
The character design of Sonezaki, who I play, has an inexplicably dangerous smell about him. I thought he looked like a man who would snap if you touched him.
Finally, NIGHT HEAD 2041 is about to start airing!
Please watch out for the future of our brothers!

Muto Reika(CV.Lynn)

I was very excited when I heard that a popular TV drama was going to be made into an anime after 30 years, and that it would be in a more advanced form. Reika, the only femaleyoungest member of the security force, is strong and tough, and it was very interesting to play her together with Sonezaki.
In the unique world view, I was always wondering, “What will happen next week? What will happen next week? What will happen to that character?” I was so excited to receive the next script. I’m sure you will be able to relate to this story if you watch it. Please immerse yourself in the mysterious future.

Honda Daisuke (CV. Mamiya Yasuhiro)

“NIGHT HEAD” was a TV drama series aired in the 1990s.
For me, as an elementary school student at the time, “psychic power” was “the power that everyone yearns for”, but I remember being deeply fascinated by the serious and dark worldview of the drama, which depicted “the pain, sorrow, and despair that comes with having psychic power”.
Then came 2021.
It is a great honor for me to be able to play the role of Honda Daisuke in that world, now that I have seen a little more of the other side of the world since then.

“Psychic Ability”
If you could have it and use it freely, it would be such a wonderful gift.
But what if someone else possesses it and uses it against you or your loved ones, or even hurts you or tries to destroy the social system? It would be nothing but “threat” to the society.
This film tells the story of two brothers, one who is considered a “threat” and the other who is trying to “eliminate” that threat.
I hope you will enjoy watching this film to see what lies beyond the encounter between the two sets of brothers.
I hope you enjoy it.

Kobayashi Kimie (CV: Hikasa Yoko)

After 30 years, “NIGHT HEAD” has been revived as a new original anime.
It shows off the unique qualities of animation, so I think it will be enjoyable for both those who have watched the drama and those who are watching it for the first time.
Look forward to the broadcast!

Akiyama Yui (CV: Ueda Rena)

When it was decided that I would be in the show, I thought to myself, “NIGHT HEAD… that NIGHT HEAD…? Brother, my head hurts…!” I was really excited. Yui-chan is a pretty and strong woman. Please pay attention to how she moves in the movie.
I’m sure that you will be able to see a new look of the work that has fascinated many people so far.
I did my best to make the dialogue between the characters more attractive.
I hope you enjoy it!

Futami Shoko (CV: Maeda Kaori)

When I heard that I was going to be in the movie, I was just so surprised. The story was made into a TV drama a long time ago, so I was very happy to be able to be a part of this world. Futami Shoko is a character that I have never played before, and I was a little worried that I wouldn’t be able to play her, but I was positive that I would do my best and learn from her! I was ready to learn.

I’m Kaori Maeda, and I’m going to be playing the role of Futami Shoko.
I’m sure you’ll be drawn in by the mystery that deepens with each episode, and the developments that make you wonder what’s going to happen next!
I’m also looking forward to what’s going to happen next, and I hope that everyone will join me in watching over NIGHT HEAD 2041 and getting excited about it!
Thank you very much!

Mikuriya Kyojiro (CV. Ginga Banjo)

Not YOASOBI, but Yoatama, it’s “NIGHT HEAD”. I’m in trouble. It’s difficult.
There’s a strict fatherly element, a kindness that envelops everything, a readiness to continue watching over, a pain for what had to be sacrificed, a hope that is trusted and entrusted, a prayer. …… What are you going to do? You.

After almost 30 years, that drama is coming back – and that’s why we have a large group of the most popular voice actors of the moment. I’ll do my best not to get in the way! When I say “do my best,” I don’t mean “gutsy” or “fighting,” so please be gentle with me. So please be gentle.

Opening Theme Song Artist Who-ya Extended

Q. Please tell us about the opening theme.

This is Who-ya Extended, and we are in charge of the opening theme somg.
The new song “Icy Ivy” is a number that expresses the antithesis of the main character and his siblings, who are struggling not to be swallowed by the vortex of fate and destiny.
The song is filled with such power that it seems to bring light to the darkness that people, myself included, are carrying around.
Please enjoy the fast-paced sound as if you are running through the city at night with this work.

Q. Do you have a message for your fans?

The new song “Icy Ivy” is a song with the essence of a digital sound that creates a sense of grandeur and a sense of speed, but with a definite will.
What will be created when it is combined with the world view of the anime…
I hope you’ll look forward to the music as much as I do.
I can’t help but be excited to see how the anime will turn out, and I can’t help but look forward to it as well. This summer let’s dive into the world of “NIGHT HEAD 2041” together!

(C) Iida Joji / NIGHT HEAD 2041 Production Committee