We have entered the second half of 2021. We are sure there are many anime fans, who are in joy on the various information on the new anime that will hype up the second half of this year. Among those anime, those that stand out the most are the original anime with the unique story and world setting.

There were various original anime that become popular in the previous season, which is April anime. So, we will recommend some of the July anime that you can’t miss out.
Here are some of the recommended original anime that will surely become popular and some of their highlights.

Sonny Boy

“Sonny Boy” is a brand new original summer anime by the popular anime studio, MAD HOUSE that every anime fans should had heard before.

It depicts the 36 classmates, who gathered at the school, being drifted to another dimension. The original character design is handled by Eguchi Hisashi, known for “Stop!! Hibari-kun!” and the cover illustration of Ging Nang Boyz’s “Kimi to Boku no Daisanji Sekai Taisentekina Renai Kakumei” (lit. The world war III-like love revolution of you and me). The usage of the cult-like illustrator has recently become a hot topic . Surely, the unique footage composition in the teaser movie will cause this anime to attract more attention.

What kind of story will be unfolded by the characters designed by the master? And whether they will be able to come back safely? Moreover, the main protagonists are voiced by Ichikawa Aoi, Oonishi Saori, and Yuuki Aoi. So, do check out their voice performance as well.

Aquatope of White Sand

“Aquatope of White Sand” is a brand new original anime of summer 2021. This anime is created by the pairs, P.A.WORKS and director Shinohara Toshiya, known for “A Lull in the Sea” and “Iroduku: The World in Colors” that had captured the hearts of various anime fans.

This anime depicts the encounter and growth of the high school girl and proxy manager of “Gamagama Aquarium” in Okinawa, Misakino Kukuru and the young girl who felt frustration on her dream as an idol, Miyazawa Fuuka.
Do check out the story depicted by this solid pair, and the depiction on the beautiful sea and fishes.

The main protagonist, Misakino Kukuru is voiced by Itou Miku, and Miyazawa Fuuka is voiced by Aida Rikako. Don’t miss out on how the two expressed the two growing girls!


“NIGHT HEAD” is a popular tokusatsu (special effect) TV drama that was broadcast in 1992. This series has gotten various media mix development and the anime adaptation of “NIGHT HEAD GENESIS” has become a huge topic.

“NIGHT HEAD 2041” will be depicting a new story in the world of “NIGHT HEAD”. The script writer for this anime is Iida George, who is quite familiar with this series as well as the director of the TV drama. The original character design is by Oh! Great, known for “Tenjho Tenge” and “Air Gear”.
Do check out on this anime that will carve a new page in the world of “NIGHT HEAD”.

The main protagonist, Kirihara siblings are voiced by Ono Daisuke and Shimazaki Nobunaga, while the Kuroki siblings, who are chasing them, are voiced by Sakurai Takahiro and Ono Kensho. So do enjoy this anime along with their voice performance.

It can be said that one of the allures of the original anime is that it is filled with the “I want to do this” of the production side from the story to the world setting and character design. So, please enjoy watching it while slowly experience their fixation on the detail parts. Do look forward to the allure of the anime that will hype up your summer!