The TV program featuring Shimono Hiro and Uchida Maaya called, “SAY YOU TO YOASOBI Tuesday 【Shimono Hiro x Uchida Maaya】#11” was broadcast at “Anime LIVE Channel” in new futuristic TV “ABEMA” on June 29.

In this episode, it featured the special program to summarize the first half of 2021 called “Already summarizing the first half!? Half Quiz”. The questions were mainly about the cross-section, including “Vegetable and Fruit! Half Quiz!”, “What will happen if divided into half? Drawing Quiz!” and “Moe Cross-Secction Cooking Quiz”.

Shimono and Uchida first looked at the cross-sections of multiple vegetables and fruits to answer “Vegetable and Fruit! Half Quiz!” and thought about the cross-section of objects, including mix ice cream and 3-colored toothpaste in “What will happen if divided into half? Drawing Quiz!”. Uchida commented on the relaxing quiz, “Wow, this feel like a 10:30 AM show to me” and “This is what people do with babies”, and they began to run the program like an “educational TV program”.

Both MCs behaved like they are running the educational show, “What do you think this is? Do you have any clue?”, “Shimono-kun, do you have an idea?”, they sometimes behaved like the children in the show by saying, “Ah, I got it!”, and “Yes, I got 300 million points!”.

In the next corner, “Moe Cross-Secction Cooking Quiz”, they made a fruits sandwich, which cross-section is like a flower. After setting up, Uchida and Shimono appeared with frilly aprons on them. Uchida reacted to Shimono’s appearance, “Wow, you look like someone forced you to wear it”, “but it looks good on you. I like it”.

Uchida immediately cuts an orange in half after the corner began. The materials should cut in half “after” the sandwich is complete and she looked like she realized that and continued, “Isn’t cutting in half a bad idea?” “Wow, I already created the cross-section”. Shimono seemed to be surprise at Uchida’s various actions, “What happened to you?”.

They restarted the cooking and reached the step of placing fruits after smoothly peeling them. While Shimono carefully places the fruits with a plan, Uchida contrastingly placed the fruits with her intuition.

Uchida started to cut the sandwich in half, although she realized that “Isn’t it impossible?” after finishing placing the fruits. It was a complete failure with the cross-section only showing oranges. She started making the 2nd one, but she seemed to have no idea what to do, so she placed fruits on the edge to create “Moe-like cross-section”. The studio was in surprise with Uchida’s reckless behavior.

In contrast, Shimono created his sandwich by carefully looking at the sample. While being anxious, “Is this really the right step?”, but he completed the work and carefully cut it in half. He seemed to regret as the position of the kiwi is a bit off, by saying “Ah, the stem did not go well”, but Uchida reacted “Wow, that is wonderful” by looking at the flower created on the cross-section.

Both MCs ate their own sandwitches. They finished the program while eating and talking, “I can easily eat this since it is filled with frutis” and “It is tasty, although it is not so moe”.

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