It was decided that the voice actor singers, Aoi Shouta and Uesaka Sumire will appear on the 23rd “Songs of Tokyo” and this is the first time for both of them to appear together on a music show. The program will be broadcast on June 21, 2021, on “NHK World Japan”, and “NHK General TV” on June 26.

Aoi Shouta debuted in 2011 as a voice actor. He has appeared in more than 200 anime and also shown off his talent by voicing a female character sometime. He debuted as a singer in 2013, and became popular with his unique high tone voice.

On the other hand, Uesaka Sumire also debuted as a voice actor in 2011 and as a singer in 2013, which is same as Aoi Shouta. She is not only active as a voice actor and a singer, but also showed off her “Otaku” side to capture the hearts of the worldwide fans as to not lose to Aoi Shouta. Her edgy otaku spirit in Russia, tanks, Lolita, and others was highly praised by the specialists.

During the opening talk, the host Murakami Shingo and Horan Chiaki will ask them, “How did both of you become an otaku?” and “How ‘Otaku’ are both of you?” as they urge on their otaku’s roots and the states.
During the performance, Aoi Shouta will perform his latest songs “give me me” and “Eclipse” while Uesaka Sumire will perform “Easy Love” and “Pop Team Epic”.